BunBun:|| Here? XD Rofl I dunno.

Yeah you think that. Roleplayer.

This coming from the mod of said forum…

Only in name, really. I haven’t done any Modding stuff in ages. never go in there.

Meh, the RP forum is pretty dead anyways. Mostly they are all gone because of the sudden roast we had(just to say, people brought delicious hot dogs to the event :D). The rest kind’ve disappeared.

Wait…I’M ONE OF THOSE MADMEN!!! fires his Pineapple Launcher at the world around him When someone figures out where I got the Pineapple Launcher, they will get a cookie. :smiley:

Oh, and hi to you Bunbun.

Psssst I don’t think she’s coming back

“Or do you???” I say as I put on my wizard robe and cast magic missile which goes pew pew pew for infinity billion damage so ur ded lol and than i loot ur corpse and find the key to alishtelrjse (elvishh) the city of elves and so i go there thru many a perilis adventur and i speak 2 their mayer: “hi how r u” “fine thx” he says eyeing me <strike>susspi</strike> <strike>suscpe</strike> <strike>suspishi</strike> w/o trust and says “how do i knoe u r teh hero in which our poems n songs speak aboout??/” “becoz i have teh key of alishteljrrjse” i say, branndishing my key “oh by elune” he says “that is inded the key 2 our city n i didnt even give it 2 u LOL” “rofl,” i said, taiking out my staff of +3 awesum “now ur ded 2 pew pew pew” and hes ded :frowning:

brb moms calling me 2 diner

I’m glad you didn’t put on your magic hat, Cless.

And welcome.

The strikes and the “pew pew pew” made me giggle. :smiley:

I think I’m not gonna be able to stop saying rofl for a while

Um o_o Thanks…guys. XD


Ooh, they always come back. RPGC is like the Hotel California…you can check out any time you like, but you can never leave~~~

God I hate that fucking song.

If you want mature topics, you’ve come to the right place!

Speaking of mature topics

I recently burned a CD, per request of one of my female former co-workers, that has nothing but songs about fucking, pedophilia, beastiality, and cross-dressing. And a version of The Aristocrats.

No “Mary had a little lamb”?

Nice, 984, that is possibly the most screwed up CD I’ve ever heard of. I think the ultimate evil spawned it himself…Meh, it’ll probably turn up again, just like that movie about Tabatha.

I wanted to say something, but ever since I read Cless’ post I totally forgot what it was. Condensed awesome.

Probably something along the lines of “pew pew pew”, rofl.

edit: rofl.

Yeah, now she’s definitly not coming back lollers