BunBun:|| Here? XD Rofl I dunno.

Well. I hope This is the right place for this. <3

Hai all! ^^ I’m new here, and I’m sorry if this topic doesn’t belong in this forum but I looked and I couldn’t find an introduction forum, where new members can introduce themselves. So, seeing as this is the roleplaying forum and roleplaying is what I came here to do, I’ll introduce myself here and hopefully you’ll all accept me. :smiley:

My name is Kayla, but I like to be called “BunBun”, it was a nickname given to me by my good friend Brokey, from another roleplaying website. I’ve been roleplaying for three or more years now, and I consider myself a very good writer, and am determined to one day, be an author. My idol is Anne Rice, for in my opinion, no one can write a good novel better than she can. My favorite roleplay genre’ is anything having to do with Vampire, the supernatural, horror, and especially romance. I really love having a good relationship connected between two characters. It makes the roleplay all the more alive.

In my old forum, I was limited. We weren’t allowed to do many mature topics, which is why I searched for a new forum, and luckily found this. Here, I promise you I’m not going to limit myself, and I will prove to all of you that I am a very enthusiastic writer!

I love to do one on one’s, I love forum roleplays, so if you think I’d do a good job in a roleplay with yourself, please, by all means, send me a private message, or just reply here.

Thank you for reading <3


Okay, I have a question…no offense, but if you like to be called bunbun, why didn’t you just make your screenname “bunbun”? :stuck_out_tongue:

Hiya! I saw your misplaced topic - don’t worry about it alot of people make that mistake for intro posts.

Anyway, welcome and such.:wave:

Welcome Bunbun! Be careful around here, there are a bunch of crazies who aren’t always mature…:hahaha; Normally, I’d ask for you sanity at this point, but I think I’ll let you slide. Enjoy your stay!

Welcome, Bunbun! Umm, I don’t know how much “mature” stuff they allow in the local RPs, so you might want to check the rules or ask the Mod first. But we are a nice and fairly liberal bunch (though you’d never guess it from the way we joke around here, which s fairly constantly. :wink: ) Anyway, hope you like the place and have fun here!

You’re also gonna find that we don’t roleplay here.


You want that.

Nope, this is a talk-about-pretty-much-so-anything-but-RPing forum. With an RP sub-forum. … Ironic, is it not?

But welcome, anyway. :slight_smile:

It’s all in what your definition of “roleplaying” is… or whatever “is” is. :smiley:

Why was the Free RP forum created, anyway? Same story as the anime forum?

BTW oh yeah hi!

Basically to keep all those filthy Roleplayers quarantined from the rest of the forum.

oh, and hi.

I prefer to think of it as keeping the roleplayers safe from the madmen in the other forums. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Yeah you think that. Roleplayer.

This coming from the mod of said forum…

Only in name, really. I haven’t done any Modding stuff in ages. never go in there.

Meh, the RP forum is pretty dead anyways. Mostly they are all gone because of the sudden roast we had(just to say, people brought delicious hot dogs to the event :D). The rest kind’ve disappeared.

Wait…I’M ONE OF THOSE MADMEN!!! fires his Pineapple Launcher at the world around him When someone figures out where I got the Pineapple Launcher, they will get a cookie. :smiley:

Oh, and hi to you Bunbun.

Psssst I don’t think she’s coming back

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brb moms calling me 2 diner

I’m glad you didn’t put on your magic hat, Cless.

And welcome.

The strikes and the “pew pew pew” made me giggle. :smiley:

I think I’m not gonna be able to stop saying rofl for a while