Post your favorite beer

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However don’t post if you are too good to drink and just want to tell people that you don’t drink.
Also don’t post if your favorite beer is actually a girly drink like Smirnoff Ice.
Malt Liquor is OK to post.

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Asking your favorite beer is like asking your favorite cooled piss drink. -.-

STOUT, is a different matter. Guinneas, I love you. <3

I’m too good to drink and want to tell people I don’t drink.

Irish Points: +1

I wouldn’t know. I don’t drink. I’m American as Apple Pie. Never break any laws nope nosir.

I guess the smooth bold flavor of pabst blue ribbon can be contained in a smaller image with the same effect.

If only just for the commercials, Red Stripe. Hooray beer!

10 year old scotch.

Being in college (and in a fraternity) the obvious answer is Natural Light. But for a real beer, maybe Budweiser Red Label, Bud Select or Michelob Ultra.

I don’t drink beer. I think it tastes like a medicine I had to take when I was in the hospital because I couldn’t swallow pills. However, load me up with a few mudslides and I’ll be tripping over everything in my path.

My sister like Guinneas. I’ve yet to try anything other than <strike>Yingling</strike> Yuengling. I’m not really supposed to have alcohol while I’m on my medication, and I’ve been on that since before I was legal, so very little beer for me.

He speaks the truth. It tastes ghastly.



Birch, on occasion.

You realize Smirnoff Ice has more alcohol in it than any beer, right?

Anyway, I don’t like beer. If I’m gonna drink something that has no chance of getting me drunk, it’s going to be something that doesn’t taste like shit.

If I wanna get drunk I’ll have Captain Morgan Dark, Bacardi Gold, or Iceberg.

If I wanna get absolutely smashed I’ll drink wine or Captain Morgan Spiced.

If I do decide I wanna drink beer it’ll be something cheap like Carling, unless I can steal a few Moosehead or Canadian from someone else. The subtle differences between beers isn’t worth paying double the price for.

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Damn, people. How much do you drink if you head to your local store and pick up some? I usually grab a twelve-pack and it keeps me steadily buzzed and entertained for the whole evening. 24 if it’s for a more than a day’s worth.

Anyway, Karhu (Bear!) is my favourite. At 4.7%, it’s a hard starter III-beer but after the first one, it’s a pretty smooth sailing.

Sandels is another good one, it’s soft but strong III-beer, (4.8%) and I could easily just chug these down the whole evening, if it wasn’t the fact it’s pretty darn costly.

Out of all foreign ones, I kinda dig Budejovicky Budvar, 5,0, a nice czech republic lager.

Heck, I pretty much prefer lager over dark ones.

Vodka, it’s less filling. :smiley: Or wine, or sake…

I prefer cider over beer thanks to the fruity goodness. However, I do have a special place in my heart for Guinness (what else gets a worldwide toast?).

That’s not true. Smirnoff Ice has 5% alcohol by volume in it, while Bud Ice, Natural Ice and other ‘Ice’ beers have 5.5%. Heineken has 6%. Steel Reserve and Olde English have between 6% and 8%. I also seem to recall some really, really shitty beer (shittier than Steel Reserve and Olde English…) having 9% ABV. I’ve also heard of some German beers (that aren’t importable I don’t think) having in excess of 10% alcohol in them, but I’ve only heard.

Beer does taste like shit (imo), but when it comes to liquor I tend to prefer Jagermeister or mixed drinks. Rum’s and cokes and screwdrivers and that sorta shit.

Wrong. Smirnoff Ice has 7%. At least up here it does. That’s more than the vast majority of beer, definately more than any beer I’ve personally seen, and it’s comparable to the strongest beer you just mentioned, except for the one you don’t really know exists.

Anyway. It’s stronger than Pabst Blue Ribbon, and that was the entire point. It’s stupid to tell people not to post a “girly” drink that’s 40% stronger than your favourite beer.

Yeah, but this is a “post your favourite beer” thread not a “post your favourite malt beverage thread”.

It was a joke too you mailbox head.

If you don’t mind, I’d like you to prove that. I was pretty sure you were wrong and checked several sites that all listed Smirnoff Ice has having 5% ABV.

Edit: Oddly enough, I just found another site (probably the one most worth trust) that lists Smirnoff Ice as having 5.5% ABV, which makes sense because then it still flows with the rest of the “Iced” brews. is my source. They also list the alcohol content of pretty much every other alcoholic beverage known to man.

Apparently there might be two different products going by the name Smirnoff Ice, one released in the US and France with an ABV of 5% and the other in Europe (except France) and Canada with an ABV of 7%.

The Smirnoff Ice webiste even says the ABV is 5.0%. Given Canada has a different recipe, it likely does have the 7.0% ABV. So, Sorc and Hades are probably both right, but only because of reusing the same brand name for two different products.