Post your art here :)

Here we go, our stickied art thread. Now, instead of saying “you should post this in the art thread” when somebody doesn’t do so, let’s instead post links to that particular thread in here, and that will help keep the art threads alive for longer, tay?

I’ll start by posting a link to Chris-Chris, Mabat and Cless’ art thread :slight_smile:




… What the heck is WRONG WITH YOU RPGC people? First Cid couldn’t spell my name, then Steve, and now you, Weiila!? ;_;

(And I can’t post anything during the weekends, sorries --:wink:

Beh, I thought the point of this was so that people <i>didn’t</i> have to click links for 16 separate threads, revive dead old threads, or create new threads every time they sketch something new, and could just find everything conveniently in one thread :stuck_out_tongue: (P.S. In case you didn’t know (you probably do) you can combine threads, Weiila. Look in the mod command box)

Yeah, I know… <small>but I dunno if I dare to.</small>
That which you said is the gist of it, I only made those links to make an example of what can be done instead of just telling people that “This should be in THAT thread, dumbass!”

Uhhh… …How the hell could I miss all those art threads? I like the idea of this stickied thread, even though it’s true there’s a million stickies here.

Hmm, slow connection tonight, so I only bothered looking at Mabat’s pics, sorry. :stuck_out_tongue: I agree with everybody. You’ve seriously gotten better. Kai-Chan’s left leg looks weird. More shading, maybe? But besides that, they’re pretty nice drawings.


Nice pic of your mom, TD.

I did draw my

It was simple, only took five minutes.

A wonderful picture TD. The head seems to be rotated at an unnatural angle, and the proportions are a little off (one arm is longer than the other, and the foot seems to be exagerated in size), but it has potential. Perhaps a little more shading would create a more life-like appearrance for you subject. Keep up the good work.

Yay! :yipee: I’ll start off with 2 freshly scanned pics. (they were A3, never mind the lines in the middle.)
First of all, Yoyo from Bahamut Lagoon. The colors are really bright here, they look really shiny irl though. I took my new rainbow pencils to draw this pic, and now you cant see it properly ;.; Oh well. And yes, the text means something. It’s German and it took me forever to write it.

EDIT: Never mind, I’ll post it tomorrow. It’s just 235KB and over the file size limit already… ;_;

This… is… Nulani. Elf. Not Dark Faerie.

More later, for my scanning time is limited. The policewoman who is teaching the kids in this class is glaring at me…

…Wow Mabat, that’s really good. I wish I could draw like that. :stuck_out_tongue:

Once again, URL needs to be pasted into browser.
Both pics were drawn on A3, so never mind the line in the middle (scanner too small, had to fold them in the middle) and shrinked, thats why it’s a little scewed.

I know the leg of her is in the worst possible angle, but that’s because first I wanted to make it the cloak. Then I changed my mind. :stuck_out_tongue:
Yoyo from Bahamut Lagoon. The colors didnt come out as I wanted during the scan; it looks all shiny irl. :smiley: The text in the backround is the storythingie of Bahamut Lagoon (more or less) as I remembered it, written down in German.

Yeah, the feet seem a bit messed up…

I wish I had the ability to put colors without messing the whole picture >.<;

And… mind putting the links just there as text? You have to paste the link to see the pics.

Originally posted by Dragon Tear
Once again, URL needs to be pasted into browser.

'Sides, putting them as a text wont make a difference. Rightclick the link, “copy link location” and “paste” into the bar. Is it that difficult? oO;

Please forgive this double post, my computer did something freaky and I’m trying to figure out what happened. If you’re the person who can delete posts, please do that with these 2.


Warcraft III fans should like this :stuck_out_tongue:

The armor looks pretty cool. I never played Warcraft III, so that’s all I can say. Well, I can say “Practice Tests Volume 1”, but it doesn’t have much to do with the current topic. :stuck_out_tongue:

The only thing I really have to complain about are the feet. Ouch.

Or well, the general size of the lower body. Atleast you can draw decent armor… mine is limited to what, leather and chain :stuck_out_tongue: