No, this isn’t a topic about a big hole we dive into to get wet… I’m talking about the game.

How many people here play pool on a regular basis? (not internet pool, I mean real pool). Just a simple question to see if I’m not the only one in here to plays. I haven’t played in a while because my last cue stick broke (last time I use Canadian Maple). This time I bought myself an expensive (well, $30 at K-Mart) Titanium Shaft Cuestick (all black too). Hopefully I can get back to playing soon, because I’ve become just a bit rusty over the while of not having my own cue.

(take two… I accidently posted a topic of this on the media forum… shows I’m not paying attention >_<)

I play pool just for fun. I’m not that good or anything since my friends and I climb all over the table when we can’t make a difficult shot, but it still passes time. It’s a cool game.

The proper name is “billards”

I play occasionally, just for the heck of it.

The proper name is “billards”

from what my uncle tells me, billiards is different from traditional 8 ball pool. the table is bigger I believe for one thing… but I’ll look into that… he may be wrong (he usually is)

8 balls? Aren’t there usually 15 balls in pool?

8 ball is the name of the game with 15 balls and you try to sink the 8 ball last.

I play sometimes. I’m not a master, but I can do some tricks.

My grandparents have a nice pool table, and I play an occasioanl game of 8-ball when I’m there.

my uncle has a very nice slate pool table… originally valued at over $1500 I believe… he payed $100 for it.

I’m by no means a master of pool either. I believe myself to be good, but I cannot go on runs of 7 or 8 like the pros do… I might be able to sink 3-4 after a break, but that’s it.

I usually play. Not great at it, but I’m ok.

Pool is fun. Im not great at it, but I get moments where I just clear the table and times when I just cant hit the white ball itself. Its kinda weird o_O. I dont have a table, so I usually play when I go to my friends houses .

I’m gonna have to go to my uncle’s sometime soon and give my Titanium Cue a shot. My uncle was suppost to fix my old one, but never got around to it… I think I’ll just give it back to dad if he does fix it. damn maple cue and their plastic tips… never again will I go back to wood when I have the strength and durability of Titanium and Steel. (no wonder the damn thing was expensive)

I haven’t played in a loooong time. Nobody around to play with these days, and I just haven’t been in the mood. Probably when school starts back up, and I’m motivated to do SOMETHING, I will.

I play a bit, I once jumped the cue ball over the 8 ball to sink another ball, and screw over the person I was playing. That was fun. I want to play now.

I’ve played it. I’ve also played 9 ball.

Yeah, pool’s alot of fun sober, even more fun drunk!

I’ve seen arcades with pool tables in them.

causing the cue ball to jump isn’t that hard to do… (well, with practice it isn’t). a lot of tricks just involve some british… er… I mean english.

Orak, get Microsoft Pinball Arcade. The last table is Cue Ball Wizard. That game rocks. Actually, that’s plain good advice for the lot of y’all.