Poll: Living at home with folks

Do you still do it?

I do, unfortunately. It’s hard to move out, especially when you’re lacking things like funds. Plus it’s that darn home cooking.

I might, hopefully, in 3-4 years. Thinking realistically.

I’m not sure how I classify. When it comes to funds… I’m a poor ‘Art’ student, so I depend on my parents during term. But, I am living alone and home cooking isn’t a problem for me cuz I lurv cooking. smiles

Hopefully next year I’ll be at cullinary college. Yay I like cooking, and people seem to like what I cook. So yeah, it’s just the funds that classify me as being a dependent.

I’m staying with my parents as long as I can, living in the downstairs apartment when we move. I’ll pay rent, too. Sure, you can joke about the “parents basement” thing, but I’ll be laughing when I have a nice place to live and I can get home-cooked meals whenever I feel like it. 8P

I would feel the same except my mothers cooking usually consists of microwaved leftovers or all the leftovers in the fridge mixed together into a so-called soup. shudders So yeah, my cooking is overall prefered.

I have lived at home throughout my undergraduate university years out of convenience (I live near campus) and economics. I get along very well with my parents, so it is not a problem at all. Since I intend to attend graduate school somewhere other than Vancouver, I shall remove when that time comes.

I’m still living with my parents, I usually like it obviously it gets annyoing sometimes, but overall it’s pretty good. Oh, and I don’t have any choice to where I live right now becasue I’m still only 13.

You better think sooner if you’re 18. =P

But yea, I’m still living with mine, but as soon as I get my job, and the money, me and my friend are going to split rent for an apartment.

I still live with my mum, and don’t plan on moving out any time in the near future… obviously I will eventually, but for the moment, it’s easily what’s best for me in terms of free time (which I have an unlimited amount of, if ever my mum needs help she asks for it, not orders it, aware of the fact that I do give a decent amount of cash to the household) and cash (which I’m not actually hit too hard for). Plus, my brother didn’t move out until he was 26 so I’ve not got much to live up to. :wink:

Seriously, though, I’ve never seen what the real stigma is about living with your parents when you’re in your 20’s.

Well, I’m only 17, so yes.

To be completely off topic, I just noticed Miltank’s awesome Tales of Phantasia quote in his sig. Nice, dude :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks. Tales is without a doubt my fav RPG series [with the possible exception of Suikos].

I live in the same house, but I only barely know them: We’re not on good terms. Never been.

Yeah. Sadly.

Yeah I still live at home with my parents. But that will only be for anothe year of so, before I move off to university. (That is assuming, I get the grades and money to go)

Im disabled, so I live with mine, at age 29. Im cool with my mom, but my dad and I don’t one hundred percent click all the time. And yes Im a dude, and yes im a mothers boy, but not a mothers whipped mothers boy.

I am living with my parents, but I have a year to get out. I just got a better job, so now I can save up. I left my parents home and a year later I was back.

You call it living?


In summer we (me and a few colleagues) always rent a trailer for 3 months and spend our time working on the beach and partying… wich rocks, in three weeks it’s time for me to become trailertrash again… the rest of the year I live part with my mom and part with 2 friends of mine…

Yes, unfortunately. Next Feb I’ll be 18. Im waiting for a call back on a job for the summer so I can save up to make my dreams of moving to Texas next year, come true. I need to get the hell out of here.

Look at my age. It says it all.