Poll: Living at home with folks

My parents don’t make me pay rent or anything, and for the most part I get along with them fine (barring the standard parent issues with laundry, chores, and the such), and I get a car to drive when I want to for free (and since I don’t use it much anyway, they don’t care) so I’d be pretty stupid to move out at this point. I’ve got another year to go with university, and after that ends, depending where I get a job, I might move out. Though I think it would be somewhat strange; there are a total of eight people in my house (I have five siblings, and I’m older than them all), so to be on my own might see a little quiet.

Yes I do, but I hate it so much, mostly because of my siblings. I can’t wait until I can finally move out of here.

I hate it, and I’ll be sure to move out at the first chance I get. I can’t stand my parents, and I don’t feel guilty about saying it. They are exasperating, and once I manage to get out of there, I’ll be sure to pretend they never existed and forget them entirely.

Responsibility and freedom is overrated.
Not having to go shopping for food is god.
Not having to work is Jesus.
Not being able to bring girls home is divine.

As I come closer and closer to move out, I’m beginning to agree with what TD just said here. :\

Still, I yearn for freedom. I’m tired of having to rely on others, and being constantly reminded of that.

And that coming from a dutch fella… We got more freedom than almost every other country in the world… you wouldn’t know what it is to be without your freedom…

Not being able to bring girls home is divine.

no way… bringing home girls is fun, but gets you in embarrassing situations… like the morning after

See, this is the part where you read <a href=“http://www.bash.org/?22778”>Bash.org</a>.

a part of me wants to leave and be on my own.

and another part of me wants to stay and comfort my parents.

groan im glad ive got a few more years to think about this. :moogle:

since june the 1st i live allone…

i don’t feel lonely at all, it’s HEAVEN!!!

now i have:
FREEDOM, PEACE, A CLEAN BATHROOM, NO FUCKING CAT (how could i live before???)