Pokemon Black and White

Anyone pick this up? Or planning to? Or is the game a just an element of your childhood now?
I’ll be picking up white soon. I haven’t played a Pokemon game since Silver on the gameboy colour, but for some odd reason I want to start again. I think the portability and the pickup and play aspect is mostly the reason. Not to mention I like monsters. A lot.

So far reviews seem good, with IGN giving it 9.0/10.

So far I’ve heard that battles are now much faster than before and they’ve finally graduated to 3v3 battles (because 2v2 just doesn’t really allow the use of gimmick or support pokemon of which there are a lot of). I’ve also heard that it starts tougher than normal as well and spices things up as it goes on. But then again, this is all just hearsay.

That said, I’m getting one soon for my brother’s B-Day, I might get some better impressions from him.

I got tired of it not long after beating the Elite Four in Pokemon Red. Around the time I started puberty, I think. :V

So no, I won’t be buying the newest iteration~

I’m the opposite- I passed on the last few games but this one has me really interested because of the way it pretty much reinvents the series over, and I would’ve picked it right away but er, I need to buy a DS first. :stuck_out_tongue: Still I’m excited because I always found Pokemon to be really fun and inventive (the GAME, not the TV show) and I’m still going to wallow on the news, game data etc. for now.

Things I like about the game:
-You get to play as a teenager. About time they let the “kids” grow up! (original characters, however, not Ash & company.)
-It’s based on New York City (and Jersey??) The author specifically came to the Big Apple for inspiration.(There’s a big bridge in it, even. I wonder if it’s for sale? :wink: )
-All-New Pokemon only at first!! (OK many are expies for previous ones, but some are pretty original- and all look cool! Victiny, I choose you!! :wink: )

  • Finally you can catch ALL Pokemon ever in ONE GAME!! (Supposedly.)
    -The story is given some unexpected twists, for example: the main villain actually has somewhat sympathetic motivations, and most incredible of all (your rival in this game gets PWNED before you get to fight it!! I guess that’s because your true rival is the boss.)
    -Three-on-three battles!! (wow that sounds dirty. :stuck_out_tongue: )

It loses a few points for creating some of the dumbest Pokemon ever (Ice Cream? REALLY???) but not enough to really ruin it.

So I’d recommend it.

I’ve always been an absolute Pokemon fan (the original series that is… however I also liked the johto series as well games/tv.) I too have heard quite impressive stuff about the new black and white games! perhaps the games are keeping up with expectations (even if it’s only slightly!) But one things for sure… the tv series has been running downhill since johto (and i’m talking a steep slope!) so there’s no hope for that anymore! xD

Overall, I’m thinking about trying it!

Didn’t the anime hit rock bottom when after a season of knocking back gyms in typical Shonen fashion, the next season was straight filler? Why wont you assholes head to Cinnabar Island already? Seafoam Islands are not THAT difficult, especially if you’re forgoing Articuno, which you will considering Ash’s complete inability to catch anything not terrible (and seriously, Ash’s and Co. pokes all really sucked except for his grossly overleveled Charizard (hell they’d all have to be grossly overleveled to have been nearly as effective in the games as they were in the show), his Snorlax, his Taruos, his Butterfree (until he gets rid of it like he should because that’s about the point in game where Butterfree stops being useful or relevant) his Haunter (until he get rid of it like the retard that he is because Haunter and Gengar were actually pretty damn awesome back in the RBY days), and Misty’s Starmie (she had a Starmie and not just a Staryu right?) and of those Ash rarely ever used half of them due to either their lack of cooperation or Ash stupidly leaving his good pokes rotting on the bench).

God, who knew trying an anime only run on Yellow all those years ago would continue to haunt me to this day. D:

I’ve gotta agree with you Killmore, the series did have way too many flops then it should’ve had! As you mentioned the fact that Charizard didn’t actually obey him until after the first season (over 100 episodes) was quite disappointing… however, what was even worse was the fact that day pidgeotto evolved into pidgeot, he simply released it! :’( I mean we never got to see it battle properly!

Anyway, I think they actually planned way too far ahead (before actually starting) hence the poorly structured time line… however the bulk of it was very cool! (in my eyes) I too as a child could have probably related to Satoshi himself!

This is a common problem when adapting a series from one medium to another: often focus on the right elements is lost, or other priorities are inserted. In the Pokemon show, there was this constant, overwhelming “Pokemon must be treated nicely, they are friends not weapons” message, as if adults were afraid it would inspire kids to be abusive to their pets; and Ash got stuck as the main character because it’s easier to keep his face on merchandise than upgrade it to the next character’s. (This also resulted in Ash never winning because if he did, his quest would be over.) Too bad. Though I admit I liked one thing: James and Jesse, they were original to the show and were hilarious (until their gimmick got too stupid.)

I really want to finish up Platinum before I pick up (or decide to devote any time to) B/W.

Thank you. The rest of you can move your garbage anime show talk to the anime forum. Thanks. This thread is about catching pixelated monsters in a portable video game.

Platinum looks pretty cool, but by the time I got re-interested in the series black and white were months away from being released so I just waited. I picked up White and got the mystery gift to get Victini, but I don’t have time to start the game until this semester is over basically.

Woops, sorry about that Gila-Monster! I guess I’m kinda the one to blame for referring to it in my initial post! ^^

However, I’ve yet to try Heart Gold and Soul Silver… that’s on the top of my list for now! :stuck_out_tongue:

I only finally started last October with a lent copy of Emerald (which is one of the hardest as people said, so it set my expectations pretty darn high) and bought Platinum this Jan., because I didn’t like the look of HG/SS or the pokemon in there. I’m at the Elite Four on both games, but by far I have to say I enjoyed Emerald’s style a lot better over Platinum, even though Platinum is by far more fun.

Gonna trade Miles Edgeworth: Investigations and a few others for store credit so I can be on the band-wagon finally.

What do you mean by hardest? I’ve heard that mentioned before but I don’t get whats difficult about the Pokemon games. Battle tower is hard and the elite four was quite harder in the ruby/sapphire/emerald games as oppose to the gold/silver/crystal which it was relatively easy. However, apart from that… it’s not that hard.

3v3 battles are fairly rare from what I remember. That, and there’s two types: Rotation and Triple. Triple is exactly what you think is; 3v3 with everyone getting a go at it. There is a bit of strategy to it, since pokemon on the sides deal less damage, and some other crap. Rotation basically has you choosing one of the three out and attacking whatever the opponent chooses.

Also, some good things:
-EXP reworked: Pokemon get more EXP in general now. Basically, if your Pokemon’s level is below the opponents’, they’ll gain more EXP. This can be pretty funny in the postgame when you kill something and a Lv.1 Poke jumps 20 Levels. However, the opposite also holds true; if your levels are too high (starts from >10), you start getting less EXP.
-Infinite TM usage: Yep, no more single-use TMs. Of course, this makes some of them harder to find…
-Awesome Music: Seriously, the game’s got some awesome tunes.

Only thing that’s kinda annoying sometime is the encounter rate for some areas. Most of the time, it’s ok, but in some areas, it’s ridiculous.
(Hint: Pack a lot of Repels for Chargestone Cave or you’ll rage hard.)
That, and the C-Gear’s fairly useless and drains the battery like hell if you keep it on.

I also, like an idiot, forgot to mention seasons.

I liked the soundtrack of the past game, but then I read that its battles are still slow. If there is a game of grinding, I want it to be quick-paced in its battles dammit. It might be the first Pokemon I try since the original, but I got a backlog and a dearth of time.

I got White, and I must say, I’m pretty happy with it thus far. A lot of the new 'mons are pretty neat. (Anyone have a Litwick? They’re adorable.)

Got White a few days ago. Loving the hell out of it. Just got the third badge and Throh is dominating all takers regardless of age, race, or religion.

Also literally lol’ed at the music when your Pokeman’s HP reaches critical and the beeping noise actually goes along with the music.

Just using this as an excuse to post some pretty funny comics I came across. The 2nd in particular always pissed me off in the original games. (And sadly, still very accurate.)

I never knew Tauros could learn surf… but omg, then second one is hilarious!!! xD