Poké G/S - HTML (/TD)

Oh Dear, I have Massive Table to Do for the Pokédex. Is there an quicker way to table a list and make an extra Coloum other that hand Htmling all 250 rows?

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Since the Possibilty of 250+ Images Loading at once. I’ve Decided NOT to have Pictures for the Pokédex.

Aside from cut/pasting the table cells over and over again until you’ve got 250 rows, I don’t really know an easier way… maybe an HTML generator has such a feature?

You can still use monster pics, but if you’re going to, make sure that you separate the Pokemon pages into separate numbering groups… for example, make a page for Pokemon numbers 1-50, then one for 51-100, and so on in that fashion. And make an option for an enemy page without pictures as well.

Any Good non-RPGC Server Breaking HTML generator, Prefably Free. I have an old one called (cough) AOL-press, which Did my home page.

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I’ve Not got many of the 250+ Pokemon pictures. And several Pokémon have differnt Poses in Gold than in Silver. And Playing the whole game though Just to get them Is some thing I don’t want to do.

You can find the sprites easily on the internet. And, maybe having each pose in the Pokedex is a good idea; or have two Pokedexes.

I’d absolutely recommend having pictures in the Pokedex. It makes it look a lot better. And as was already suggested, you could easily split the Pokedex into pages of about 50 Pokemon each or so. And you could have a no-image version of the Pokedex too. That way, dial-up users would be happy, and people who like pretty pictures would be happy.

And you should be able to find pictures on the internet somewhere… just be sure to ask for permission before you pilfer anything… And is it really necessary to play through the game again to get them anyway? Can’t you just use a savestate with all Pokemon captured and flip through the Pokedex(es) and get pictures that way?

Try using Mozilla Composer. There’s links on the join page.

What Savestate I’ve Been refereing to the carts? Most of my walkthough doesn’t contain pictures. I found a Site or two, it’s seem that It’s better than last time I tryed to look for them.

Thanks Cid, I’ll Give it a go as soon as I get my PC back together. My walk though and Shrine are currently all over the place and I recently lost My backup/working copy due to a magnet and someone droping it on a few Foppy disk.

Big Nutter
Oh joy(!) 502 pictures to download. (1 sprite for each pokemon for both games)

I would reccomend using roms for this one. Just download someones savestate who got all the pokedex completed. Then just flip through the pokedex and take shots of all the pokemon.

Sorc hit it right on the head. That’s exactly how I would do it.

Don’t forget the table class=“info” !

Dude, that’d take forev0r. I mean, loading savestate, go into Pokedex, open Bulbasaur. Printscreen, paste in paint, resize, save, upload, repeat with different Pokemon.

Just save each individual sprite from somewhere, then upload them; it’s faster. Although downloading 502 won’t be fun, if you have Mozilla with that download organizer windowy thinger, then you could download then all at the same time. Even better, find a zip file with all the pictures on it.

Maybe Nintendo has some pics on their site.

Setz, it’s not as hard as you would think with the right program (i.e. Photoshop)

Get the first one there, then perfectly select just the square where the sprite is. Copy it, and paste it in a new window. Save that, close that, open the second, and copy it into the first window. Copy, Paste as New, etc.

Nintendo and the offical Pokémon Company sites now don’t allow you to that now. I think there are 251 Pokémon Excuding Missinno (#000) which is said to K/o your game. I descoverd this morning that I won’t be able to use my Pc Long enough until April. But seen as a upgrade is iniment I work the Main Text part where I can at the moment until when I get my main Pc back.

But I’ve found a Page with them on and noted address and I’m preparing a letter for Asking for use for images upon RPGC.

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I Look for Pokemon GB Save states and RPGC Comes up High up and it’s the Current Join Page. (you need save states… Pokemon Gold BigNutter…)

Butter, I guess you’re right. I think? I don’t know; you’re right.

MissingNO is actually a glitch; but get a picture anyways.

No. You don’t use Printscreen for snapshots unless your emulator is incapable of taking screenshots, and every Game Boy emulator worth its weight in salt can do screenshots. Just open the savestate and Pokedex, and push the screenshot button on your emulator, scroll to the next pokemon and repeat until you have all the screenshots, then open them up at your leisure with Photoshop, or The Gimp (a great free alternative), and get to work. It really doesn’t take long at all.

I just checked and your Pokedex needs soem SERIOUS work. As in you’ve missed all the vital and non-vital information and put stuff there that has absolutely no nearing on a shrine.

Your Pokedex needs a lot of work. It should be sort of like…


The first 3 are somewhat self explanatory. “Evolves To (Level)” Should be something like “Evolves to Ivysaur (Level 29)”, or “Evolves to Raichu with Thunder Stone”. In the Obtained area, you should have the areas where you can catch the pokemon, as well as what it evolves from.

Somewhere in there, you’re also going to need to find a way to list all the Pokemon’s abilities it learns.

Thanks Guys! The one on Tarturus I’m ditching.

I decied to restart it from scratch, as soon as my Pc is upgraded. Xelo, Those Heading plus Version are planned for it.

I Think I ok

Where do the levels where they gain attacks go?

edit; nevermind, this I have to see. ^____^