Plot Connections between Warcraft and Starcraft?

In Warcraft III:Frozen Throne, the water creatures are called the “Naga”>

In Starcraft, the ancient Xel’Naga race created the Zerg.

Coincidence? Seeing as how they are both made by the same people, I think not.

Then where did the Xel come from?

Oh, and FYI, they also made the protoss.

Interesting. Water creatures… I just remembered the underwater temples you see in some maps in Starcraft.

It’d be pretty bad ass if they tied it all together.

I doubt it. I think they just made up “Xel’Naga” as a name and then realised afterwards “Oh shit, we happened to have a word in there that has snake as the origin word. What if some fan sees a connection between Warcraft III and this one? Nah, no one pays THAT much attention to games!”. Alas, they were wrong :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t know about connections, but the race conflicts seemed pretty similar to me.

Humans and Orcs are the Terrans: they both have humans in their ranks, are always fighting among themselves, and are willing to work together to a certain degree in the face of a common foe.
Undead are the Zerg: they’re the bad guys, all consuming, grow stronger by adding their enemies to their ranks, are controlled by a single entity of incredible power, and the Kerrigan/Arthas corruptions were pretty damn similar.
Night Elves are the Protoss: Enigmatic, ancient, but willing to ally with the other races against the undead.

naga (n):
In Hindu mythology, one of a race of serpent-demons, the offspring of Kadru and the sage Kasyapa, supposed to be the guardians of Patala or the regions under the earth.

Interesting theory, but using the name naga for a snake-person type monster isn’t all that uncommon. They have nagas in a number of the Final Fantasy games, and I’m sure there are others as well. Sure it’s possible the two games are related, but that’s a bit of a stretch for the evidence you have. Maybe if you could explain where the Xel part comes in you’d have some sort of case.

There’s only certain new things you can have, CH. There’s good, evil, and in-between. It’s hard to come up with something <i>really</i> innovative.

Well sure Cless, I’m just saying the basic conflict between the races was really REALLY similar.

Wow…I never realised all that before, Cloth. Pretty interesting.

And considering how far into the future Starcraft would have to take place if it were the same continuem as Warcraft, it’s definately possible.

Starcraft takes place in the future. Warcraft takes place in fantasy land.

Oooho, sinister. I agree with Cless though, it’s probably a coincidence.

Xel i’m thinking has to do with Xeno… which i believe means strange, or foreign… which would be like aliens… might be bit of a stretch tho.

You know, by the same logic, you can state that Warcraft came before StarCraft, because Artanis yells “This is not Warcraft in space!”

The plots of both Starcraft and Warcraft III are similar in many ways:

  1. A hero turns into a villian after the first chapter (Kerrigan in SC, Arthas in WCIII).

  2. The races, naturally, want nothing to do with each other, and try to kill each other at every turn (although they do eventually ally against a greater evil).

  3. The seemingly indestructable head villian (the Overmind in SC, Archimonde in WCIII) is completely destroyed via some kind of sacrifice (that one Protoss guy in SC, the World Tree in WCIII).

  4. In the expansion, nearly every character left from the original is slaughtered, and the hero-turned-villain takes over (Kerrigan becomes the new Queen of the Zerg, while Arthas becomes the Lich King).

Or, ya know Blizzard could just be playing off similar plots that work and they have no connection.

i havet played the Frozen throne… but which hero is left at the end of the expansion? In SC Raynor is left… and in WCIII…?

Arthas. If he even counts as a “hero”.

Arthas = Kerrigan. But a lot of the heros survive.

Thrall = Raynor