PLEASE tell me others here did not like FFX-2

I just couldnt get into it. Primarily the overt “pop/mtv” atmosphere, and god awful english script. Those killed it for me. There were some supposedly great plot points that were marred by what was said. I got thorugh it, didnt care, and am in no hurry to pick it up again. I hate to think i’m the only one who thinks this. I even think MQ was better. And I’m abou the only one who likes that game at all.

THAT I can agree with. The characterisation was horrible, even if the battle system rocked.

This topic’s been done to death though. Can we make this the last thread on it? :3

Never played it. I’ve heard mixed things about it though.

I’m sure it has been. It’s the first I’ve seen in my 25 minute tenure here, so… meh. I just wanted to vent. I shall comment on it no more.

I like it but only Yuna and Rikku (and the Famaliar Places, and items) kept it from saying I’m not a FF, (I don’t count MQ as a Proper FF).

I think I should of waited until after the price drops, (Whitch it will do)

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Just for future reference, threads like this go in the FFC forum.

And in my personal oppinion, the awesome battle system and good gameplay more than made up for the substandard story.

Couldnt find it at the time shrugs fine I’ll put it there, though it moves a lot slower than this one does.

What pop/mtv atmosphere? And unless you have the exact japanese script to compare it to your complaint about an awful english script means nothing. The only pop anything was the singing, which was stupid, and the Charlie’s Angels references.

The localization and translation was very good, and I seriously wonder if you know what goesn into making a good translation/localization.

Regardless, the story was rather silly. I wouldn’t have minded much if it was not a direct sequel to a game with a good story. If it wasn’t the world of FF10, I would have thought it was kinda COOL, actually. But otherwise, it just kinda ruins some of the cool stuff about FF10. It’s certainly not bad though.

The being said, some other things were completely overlooked. The atmosphere was perfect for the kind of game it was, especially with the music. It felt more Charlie’s Angels-ish, which was probly what they were going for :stuck_out_tongue: Plus, the graphics were intense. They were a lot better than a lot of other PS2 games out right now. And, most importantly, the game is very fun to play. That combat system blows all the previous FF games to hell and back. And, since gameplay is the most important thing to me, this game was particularly fun. So, yeah. :stuck_out_tongue:

I have said this before, keep the guy who designed the battle system, fire everyone else that worked on FFX-2. Even the music was sub-par.

Dude, for much of the beginning, there <i>was</i> a pop/mtv atmosphere. Consider the following:

  • It begins with “Yuna” holding a concert
  • Everyone congratulates her on how good she was at it
  • There’s the annoying reporter and an imitation of TV

Basically, a good part of the beginning was devoted to creating this atmosphere, and it just sorta sticks in your mind even though after a while they stop doing it.

Guess it must be that I don’t consider that pop/mtv. And none of those things stuck with me through the game, so 10 minutes are popish, big deal. Thats like saying “Ok, teh first ten minutes of this movie is scary so it’s a horror movie.” or “Ok, I type this way when I don’t think about it yet I mix up words that are hardly even similar to each other and I have good english.”…


Take a look at Cid’s Interview with the Square-Enix localization team if any of you do want to know.

The script for the game wasn’t godawful. It accomplished exactly what it intended to. If you want a godawful script, go read the mission reports in Final Fantasy Tactics =P. The script does an excellent job since it actually does a good job with the characters. It establishes them, and there’s no awkward sounding dialogue. The localization was phenomenal. I really don’t understand all the bashing of this game. It doesn’t take itself seriously, it’s meant to be funny and a lot of fun, which I found it to be. Heck, it can be serious when it needs to and accomplishes those scenes beautifully.

I mean the dialogue.

Paine-minus so many friendship points for Rikku
Rikku-Aww how many do I have left?

Fucking… G-A-Y

Yay I’m not the only FFX-2 lover here~ I have no complaints whatsoever for that game…

How is the “friendship points” dialogue gay?

That isn’t gay, that’s fucking cool. Just cos you don’t joke around with your friends like that doesn’t mean anything. Of course, maybe you don’t ever joke around with your friends, so the prospect of saying anything like that might just be alien to you :stuck_out_tongue:

Friends? I didn’t think anyone here had those…

Seriously, I like FFX-2. Great graphics and love the battle system. Not the best storyline ever, but it’s good. And MQ was good, so shut up.

I’m going to have to agree.

But then again, I hate everything higher than 9.

The game could have been better, but it wasn’t all bad. I thought the opening animation was actually cool as hell, just a notch below the FFX opening and just slightly above the FF8 opening.

There were cheezy parts, but let’s keep in mind that Rikku’s like 17, and the other two aren’t much older, so they’re still young. Plus they’re women and, except for Paine, simply cheerful, unlike the main character from most FF’s. On that note, I find that it’s usually big time Squall/FF8 fans who don’t like X-2 much, since not even Paine is as much of a prick as Squall. It’s a different game with different characters.

I didn’t mind the whole “girl power” thing; the main character NOT being some guy with an insane hairdo was refreshing. The battle system was all right and could actually be strategic at times, since you could time your moves to interrupt enemy attacks, form chain hits, and so on.

Really, the only thing I didn’t like was how slutty the women were dressed. I guess Paine’s default outfit was okay, but Rikku and Yuna seemed fit to be in a Japanese karaoke bar full of old men and illegally young women.

It wasn’t my favorite FF by far, and I don’t think I’ll play it again, but overall, I didn’t find it all that bad.