PLEASE tell me others here did not like FFX-2

Just because you didn’t like it doesn’t mean no one else has the right to. 8p I personally enjoyed it enough to play it through twice in a row. I’m going to leave it for a little while, because it does grate on me, but I had a lot of fun. It was a nice departure from the stolid seriousness that plagues most FFs.

I like girls who dress “slutty”, but i guess that’s just the guy in me. Females shouldnt wear clothes at all! greedwashes his hands like a Feringi Seriously, i can agree with some of the good points and the bad points. But one i wanna bring up that i havnt seen anyone do on this thread… is the LENGTH of the game. The small tedious things you have to go through for a single completion point. I HATED the thunderplanes thing. I only was able to calibrate 7 towers. But, on the other hand, a good LONG RPG is generally a good thing. I can admit i did get a little bored with the random battles, but all in all, i am glad i traded Onimusha 1&2 and $20.00 for it. Now all i need is the strategy guide so i can get through everything…

You don’t have to do the calibration towers; you don’t get percentage points for it. ^^;

And actually, this is one of the only games where I didn’t get bored with random battles easily, which is quite a feat.


Primitive humans, whose females still wear clothes !\

AFTERTHOUGHT: Cid, well, it wasnt the battles themselves, just the rapidity and tedousness of them. There was a spot where i was trying to hurry because i had to go somewhere, and the battles happened every three steps. I ended up having to shut it off without saving, which sucked cause it was in Bevelle…

What turned the game off for me was the over-cuteness of it. I know the game didn’t even try to take itself seriously, it was still too out there, even for me. I mean, Yuna suddenly turns from uber-serious summoner to pop star? I can’t stretch my suspension of disbelief that far, Square.

Besides that, the game was good. The battle system is one of the best I’ve ever seen, the music matches the mood, and voice acting is a joy to behold (it’s not up to Legacy of Kain standards, but it beats Capcom any day). The script was pretty corny, but I’ve learned to accept that as a fact of life when it comes to Japanese games. Too bad the cute story was included; it ruined the experience for me.

It wasn’t the setting that really turned me off from the game (I have beaten it, in case you are wondering), but sometimes Rikku just grated on my nerves. It was just that with the well-designed battle system and all those jobs out there, I didn’t find a reason to use any of them because my characters were doing more damage with simple physical hits than abilities that I learned. So what’s the point in the jobs?

Maybe if the stats were balanced out more (read: make the game tougher), and the abilities were useful and didn’t require a huge amount of charge time, I’d love the game. Square did a great job on localization, graphics, battle system and even story, but they didn’t try very hard on the “game”.

I have the game, I bought it at Christmas this past year, but as of yet, I haven’t played it. I hope it will be as good as the rest of them, They have all been around for a long time. Listening to all of you though, it sounds like it isn’t so good. At this point I’m kind of disappointed.

Guess you could sell it if others opinions truely mean that much to you. Don’t be disappointed from what others have said, I mean you haven’t even played it yet, give it a chance. Just because a number of people have some problems with it doesn’t mean you will.

Man, FFX-2 brings up both a lot of irritation and fun in one package.

There were so little music tracks, and a lot of them were either very cheesy (Machina Faction) bland (Luca) or…overly electric guitared (regular fight theme), if you get what I mean. Some of the music was very cool, such as the Zanarkand theme and the embarassingly titled “I’ll Give You Something Hot”, the LeBlanc fight theme, but overall the music sucked big-time. Especially the Chocobo theme…uggggh… It’s enough to make one’s ears bleed.

The superbosses in Via Infinito really bug me. Even at level 80 something for my whole team, the enemy’s attacks do 60,000 damage or so. Aranea and Black Element were just fine, but Concherer, Chac, Paragon, and the final boss were just… Impossible without Happy Trigger + Cat Nip.

I like the variety of jobs. I would’ve liked to have seen Dragoons, but Trainers and Mascots are awesome. Yes, I love animals (too bad I can’t get an internation version, with the whole monster feature). Too bad the majority of costumes were, quite frankly, very slutty. Black Mage, Thief, Songstress, and epsecially Lady Luck (did you hear that, LeBlanc?) were a pain for my eyes to behold. I’m a girl, thank you, and I hate seeing these three setting out in those demeaning clothes. A few are good, like Mascot, Trainer, and White Mage, but the majority of the outfits are meant to appeal to fanboys.

Combat is usually quite fun, but there’s a few factors that irritate me:
Black Mage is a useless job. Spells take forever to cast, cost MP, and usually only do subpar damage when you could simply use an Alchemist with elemental Gems to fulfull the same purpose.

On a last note, I despise the anal story requirements. I carefully completed each chapter, watched the CommSpheres, and participated in most of the sidequests. However, since I failed to talk to Lian and Ayde at the Thunder Plains, Gagazet did not get Episode Complete, and while I had every other area ready for an Episode Complete, this one unimportant event screwed me over.

I’m playing devil’s advocate here, so humor me for a moment. In regard to the slutty outfits, aren’t at least a fair amount of the fashion styles on Spira at least a little skimpy sometimes? I think we had that discussion a long time ago in the chat.

I’ve enjoyed the game, and I’ve only finished it once with about 60-something% completion. It’s not one of my all-time favorite games ever, but I do like it enough not to consider listing it on ebay or offering to sell it in the chat, lol. When I picked it up, I didn’t really have out-of-this-world expectations; I enjoyed FFX so much, and trying to compare the two games would have been apples and oranges, as it just would not have measured up in my eyes. To me, it was something different just because it was the first actual FF sequel - I think in my mind that gave some sort of license for things to be different anyway.

I also enjoyed the game.

And seriously, if you don’t like a game because of the outfits, then you are a sad and pathetic individual.

Well… there’s skimpy and then there’s Lady Luck. 8p
I think it’s pretty obvious that the outfits are a little outrageous, but I don’t think that necessarily means the game’s any worse just because it doesn’t have a whole lot of respect for its protagonists. :sunglasses: Them protagonists tend to take themselves way too seriously, usually.

Modesty was only important if you were a priest/ess of Yevon. They were always overdressed in the first place. The only place where the skimpy clothing really isn’t practical is on Mt. Gagazet. Just look at what all the other NPC’s are wearing, and you’ll see that all the skimpy clothing is NOT out of place. The game takes place in Hawaii, or something.

I remember a couple months ago my friend came over, X-2 in hand, and asked me if I’d like to borrow it. I said, “Sure, why not,” and then he started playing in my house. I looked at it, watched him for about fifteen minutes, and said, “Forget it.”

Seriously. I really don’t like that game. I think dresspheres themselves are really dumb. Couldn’t they at least call them jobs or classes like respectable people?

As far as I could tell, it was a fifty-dollar Playboy Interactive DVD. I disliked it without playing it, which may be unfair, but frankly, it didn’t entice me. The gameplay looked really bland, the storyline may not have been that bad but I disliked it from the get-go because it was a sequel, and I disliked the characters with the possible exception of Paine, who was reminiscent of Lulu without flashing six inches of cleavage.

I won’t bother stating my final verdict.

It gave Blue Mages a kickass new skill. It had several addicting mini-games. It had a refreshingly different score compared to it’s predecessor.

It was FUN (Only THE most important factor in playing games.)

Nobody said they hated the game because of the outfits, just the outfits in particular were disliked.

Unless a game’s soundtrack is just too cool to ignore, like in FF6,7, or 8, I usually reflexively tune it out as I play. The bit of X-2’s music I paid attention to was mostly all right. I thought the Zanarkand track was great. But the chocobo theme… Whoever brought it up first, YES, that was probably the most annoying bgm I’ve experienced. But, knowing the kooky developers at Square, I wouldn’t doubt that it was done on purpose.

I didn’t think FFX-2 was good as the other games in the Final Fantasy series. The battle system is coo’ and I really like having multiple endings, but there doesn’t seem to be a strong storyline. The music was okay, but no memorable pieces. But that’s probably just my taste. The music has become one of the features of the Final Fantasy series, I think. I didn’t mind the party being all-female, but sometimes Yuna, Rikku and LeBlanc were annoying. Too syrupy. Y’know, giggle squeal an’ stuff. LOVES.

I liked playing it, but, yeah. It felt sorta plastic-like. Tooooooo. Sugary. Still, I think I’d play it even if I didn’t like it, just 'cause it’s Final Fantasy, y’know? Hoho.

How can the male people out there not like it when its got Scan Lvl. 3. View rotate and zoom in on the character of your choice. :ah-ha!: