PLAYSTATION 3: Should Charlemagne purchase one?

I want Soul Calibur IV, but I need you nerds to tell me if it’s worth the price of admission.

If you just want it for SC4, just get a 360, Charle. The PS3 doesn’t have shit going for it except for MGS4 (if you’re into the series that is).

I want Darth Vad0R!

Also, someone better upload my old avatar.

You have to upload it.

And you can download vader on the 360 once DLC comes out.

Yeah, from what I hear besides Resistence and MGS4 all the PS3 exclusive suck (I’m looking at you Haze) and all the good games are multiplatform or 360 exclusive. Get a 360.

Make no mistake: Resistance sucks too.

Research the game libraries of both and markup a “pros/cons” list.

…then throw that shit away and get a 360. >.>

I have a lazier idea, one of you guys do that for me.

Plus why play Vader when Yoda’s the broken one? Size advantages ftw! expects to be ignored Also, welcome back. also expects to be ignored

Yeah, Resistance sucked big time, though Drake’s Fortune was actually pretty enjoyable.

That said though, if you want SC4, pick up a 360 and play as Mitsurugi until the DLC comes. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, I have to agree with most everyone on this one. Get a 360 if you want it that badly. PS3 doesn’t have a lot going for it right now, and the 360 is getting a lot of good games on it soon. Besides…it’s not exactly worth it to spend around $400-500 for one game (or I would’ve done it already and be playing MGS4).

Agreed. Multiplayer was kind of fun, but I played like 15 minutes and got bored of it

I have one reason for you.

It starts with Solid.

And ends with Motherfucking Snake.

don’t bother paying for it

Why purchase one when you can steal it?

The only two things I’m looking forward to on the PS3 is Disgaea 3 and Final Fantasy XIII. Of course, I’m not thinking of spending the amount of money they want for a PS3 just for that…I still have FFXII and Soul Nomad to finish first.

Damn forgot about Valkyria Chronicles again (also White Knight Story). >_< (Then again it might get ported over to 360 along with WKS. Seriously if this keeps up then just get the 360 unless you really want/need a Blu-ray playa’.)

Its very funny to hear people hype Resistance 2’s arrival this coming Fall compared to Gears of War 2.

For the uninformed (wow I am amazed), FFXIII is coming to 360. Your world is now allowed to explode.

I’m waiting for the cost of the PS3 to come down so I can watch blu rays. I’ll get MGS4 from the bargain bin when it does.

Yeah, the PS3 might as well be blu-ray player. Theres less exclusives than I have fingers.

I believe - and I’m clearly in the minority - that the PS3 will bounce back and, while not reclaiming the throne its had since the PSX days, it will become a respectable console.

However, right now, it’s a blu-ray player. If you absolutely have to get a console RIGHT_NOW, get a 360 (or a Wii, if that’s your shtick).