Hey who likes Pizza?? I really do, it fucking kicks ass! I like pepperoni!

Holy shit man, I’m making a cheese pizza right now! I would have wanted one with stuff on it, but we only had the frozen cheese one.

That is because we are kindred spirit, Bluemageone. We have a spiritual link!
Lets have a Pizza party!

Every day with you is a pizza party in it’s own!

Fuck you guys and your real pizza. All we get here is nasty shit that probably has horse or something on it.

Pizza with ham, meat, onions, mushroom, and double cheese!

Well, thanks for ruining our pizza party mr. wet blanket

You’re welcome.

Thanks alot! :frowning:

I enjoy pizza muchly, thankyouverymuch.

Pizza sucks.
Unless it’s pizza hut’s pizza with the hot wings on it.

Taco pizza for the win.

hey deadtear, have you been reduced to rampart homosexualism yet since all the armed forces females are buttertrolls?

I cant eat pizza anymore ;_;

I’m not a fan of pizza… like the marinara and cheese pizza stuff. But like, ranch sauce, chicken, and cheese… or taco pizza… fuck i’m hungry. But as for normal, peperoni etc… I’d rather do without.

Four cheeses pizza in Disneyland is the nicest dish. EVER.

Steve wins

I like traditional Italian pizzas best of all.

I liked pizzas loaded with meat the best. Nothing better than the thing with tons of calories and that gives you heartburn.

I enjoy cheese-less pizza, ya i know, its weird but u would eat it too if u dad was lactos and tollerate( i cant spell, get over it). sine he orders it and thats all he orders, i kinda grew attached to it.