Shrimp scampi pizza. <3

that actually sounds good. yummmmm shrimp

I like multiple-cheese pizzas, loaded with pepperoni. other times, I like multiple cheese pizzas loaded with pepperoni and bacon, ham, beef and sausage. haaaw. And it has to have a crunchy, greasy crust.

u like the meat lovers basically right.

Yeah, I’m Ms Deli Lover over here. drools

pissst lactoseINtollerate… No I don’tknow if it’s spelled correct, but i do know it’s one word.

I like veggie pizza. Put the whole garden on that sucker: tomatoes, onion, bell pepper, mushrooms. Good stuff.

ya, like i said, im stink at spelling and u can all tell.

Pizza to a fasion model is like suicide. they are only allowed like so many calories, and somthing like the meat lovers or dehli lovers will kill them. One slice would be a like a weeks worth of calories for them, one bite would do

Pizza with meat. Lots of meat. If I have to cook a steak on the side, I’ll do it for the meat. The rest isn’t important, as long as the meat is good.

i enjoy mushrooms and peperoni, the taste of fungus and spice hits the spot.

Are you a fashion model or somthing?

No he is a robot.And I am a moron.And a improper inglishg usereredessess.

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Megaman! Get equipped with Pizza Slicer!

I want you all to know that I am ordering the triple cheese (stuffed? or something) pizza from Pizza Hut tonight. With pepperoni and cheesebreadsticks of COURSE!

ya right, I just know about them because my cousin was one for a while, he could only eat a certaim amount of food each day, he eventually quite cuz the basically starved him.

cool, just dont eat the whole thing, you know what happens then right.DIAHREA!!!

Pizza is yummy, especially the pepperoni pizza. Only pizza that is not good is the one they serve at school, I think it’s made of some sort of inedible substance.