What do you like on your pizza? Excluding the obvious, of course.

I prefer my pizza with just cheese, personaly.

Cheese and Tomato, no extras.

I can’t think of anything I don’t like on Pizza. All those choices are delicious, I even like anchovies.

But in <a href=“”>Japan</a>, they put fucked up shit like mayonnaise and squid ink on pizza. o_O

Even… Pineapple And Ham?! O_o

You mean pineapple and Canadian bacon (basically ham). We call those “Hawaiian Pizzas”. It’s actually probably my favorite type of pizza.

MMMmmmmMMmmm… Ham.

Supreme… I can’t believe that wasnt an option.

You’re retarded. Supreme isn’t a topping, it’s a style - Supreme’s have everything on them.

Yeah, Pineapple and Ham is the shit.

Pineapple, Ham, Sausage, Pepperoni, Mushrooms, LOTS AND LOTS of cheese… Yummeh…

Cheese and all meat lovers. pepperoni (HUGE PIECES) sausage, ham, bacon, anything. Like an inch high. Extra cheese. i’m sitting here drooling just thinking about it…I know what I’m making when i go home from school :smiley:

<strike>So, you like the big thick meat huh? ^.~</strike> Who is speaking? I hear nothing.

But seriously, why do so many people seem to like Ham and Pineapple? I asked (shouted at) my mates here and they all like it as well. I just find the taste… unnatural. And fruity. Pizza should not be fruity.

as far as I’m concerned, if it isn’t green nor fungal, it probably goes good on pizza.

Screw you. Mushrooms belong on pizza.

What about white pizza? Huh? It doesn’t have to be tomato sauce all the time.

Extra cheese, pepperoni, mushrooms, onions, chicken, bannana peppers, tomatoes, jalepenos, sausage, and sometimes shrimp. All of that on one pizza would be flavour country.

Mushrooms and onions.

The mixture of fruits and meats is not an uncommon thing. People eat cranberries or grapes with poultry, pineapple is used in all sorts of hawaiian and oriental cooking (Sweet and Sour sauce, for example), etc. Part of what makes good food good is the mixture of tastes and textures (as long as those tastes and textures go well together). Sweet and salty often go well together, thus they are eaten together. By partitioning what types of food you eat together, you’re missing out on shitloads of good food.

Then again, you probably eat nothing but kippers and crumpets, so I wouldn’t expect you to be much of a gourmet.

I love sausage.

Hawaiin pizza sucks, ew. I prefer cheese myself.

Actually Hiryuu, not ALL places use Canadian Bacon. The Pizza place I worked at actually uses Ham.

As for my vote, I always say that while other toppings are mega cool…You have to be able to appreciate I good ol’ Pepperoni Pizza.