Pirates 3


The first 3 and a half hours weren’t too bad. Watching Geoffrey Rush reprise his role as Barbosa was great. Otherwise I felt the movie was just spreading itself way too thin. Captain Jack was just too flat of a character, and just felt more like a prop throughout the movie. He just never had enough camera time to do anything interesting at all and just never lived to the expectation of what Captain Jack is. The whole William and Elizabeth part of the movie was clouded by the fact that they were on screen together for no more than 5 minutes throughout the movie. The story itself was also terribly flawed it really felt like the writers ran out of ideas and decided to fill in by making Tia Dalma a goddess. And in a pathetic attempt to keep the end from being a typical happy ending, making the rule that if you kill Davey Jones you become him was just stupid. The whole tragic ending with Will coming back as the new Davey just doesn’t sit well. If you want to have a tragic ending make it tragic, bittersweet simply doesn’t work. Ever.

If my rant seems disjointed I blame it on being 5 in the morning.

Huh, it sounds like I won’t like it as much as I was hoping T_T. I’ll probably still try to see it.

framskip also didn’t like it when we had sex in his jacuzzi. So do you really care about his opinion?

Oh noes, I just read the ending. It soundes more retarded than I had ever imagined. I was planning on avoiding it like the plauge, but now I’ll avoid it like… something worse than the plague.

Apparently this movie sucks. But at least Transformers won’t suck

I never herd anything bad about the movie, I herd great reviews and the movie looks intense. I defently need to see it this weekend.

Even the positive reviews arent so positive. They all agree that the story is pointless convoluted drivel.

I didn’t know. I’ll still go to see it. I’m just going to remember this.

The review I read said that the commodore and his kind represent the global economy which threatens the smaller corporates, represented by Jack Sparrow and the other pirates.

… I hate academics sometimes.

No idea where Davey and the kraken fits in there. Maybe as Microsoft.

Entertaining, but lacks the punch the first two movies did. Poor poor people in this movie. You just weren’t given chances. Just too many people to dilute it with :frowning:

I saw the movie last night… it was kinda fun to watch, but it’s really not a good movie. Save your money and rent it later. I still love love love the first one. :smiley:

It has a guy for a squid with a head, and people are surprised that it is not a “good movie”?

In that case, you guys might want to avoid Hard Rock Zombies, wherein a metal band is resurrected to kill Zombie Hitler, his werewolf consort, and their family of evil, nazi freaks. Turns out it’s not a “good movie” either.

I’ll check my videoclub, though they never got the worthwhile movies. Do they give free drinks to any potential viewers of that movie?

That’s the only way to enjoy it, so they should. I would, if I had a video club. It is a real movie, in case anyone thought I made up such a plot of my own mind.

Originally Posted by Arac
It has a guy for a squid with a head, and people are surprised that it is not a “good movie”?

It’s a sequel to a Disney movie made by Disney, and people are surprised that it’s not a ‘Good Movie’?

They botched it; the acting, script, plot and character development were weak.

It doesn’t sound like a “good movie” it sounds like an AWSOME MOVIE! Awsome to the max!

Saw it tonight… I suppose it was ok enough, although there are many other, better movies.

No? Sounds cool :stuck_out_tongue:

Not quite; it’s Awesome to the maX. Capital X. Because it is, simply, Xtreme to that degree.

Personally, I loved it. I’m not deluded to say it was perfect, and made sense, but the lover of epic stories in me filled in holes and helped me get over most of it. besides, I liked Jack’s neuroses.

One question, though: Did Japan REALLY have enough seafairing trade at the time to warrant a pirate lord? I could buy all the other places, Africa, arabia, spain… but why Japan?