Picture Thread Archive

A lot of people keep complaining about the amount of nonsensical non-picture crap in the Picture Posting Thread, so I asked a few people if it’d be cool if I took only the pictures, and put them in a list so they’ll all be together and easy to find, and they said I should do it. So here:

<a href=“http://rpgcpictures.nulani.net/”>Picture Archive</a>

It’s only an archive of the first 20 pages of the thread so far, and I didn’t include pictures with only non-rpgcers in them, or pictures that were deleted or had broken links or otherwise no longer worked. I’ll add more pics later.

Sticky plz.

Edit: [Epic|Away] Hey, hades, edit your post and say “Don’t fucking post here unless you’re adding an image”

I think he means it >>;

Up to page 50 done.

Please sticky this.

As thee wish salutes

You. Fucking. Rock.

Thanks for doing this Hades. I love you ^^

You could have talked to me first, me being the host and all.
New Url!

yay now i can see the pics of everyone!
I didnt want to go and search though that thread and now i dont have to.

Thanks :cool:

I was reluctant to put this up since it shows me in my infamous anime character phase. My hair’s more toned down now. As the filename says, I’m on the far left.

Your soul is mine Lex! or um could i just get a plushie of ya ^ _ ^;

Take my pics off, I command you.

Since Mark’s lazy (and probably sleeping), I’ll repost his pics here.


Picture of a t-shirt.

I thought he was stoned at first. Or drunk.

Wow, this is great.

This makes looking for pictures on the boards so much easier.

Put up the LA pictures

(Unless you already did :P)

they’re MY pics! I’ll give the order to put them up…

Put up the LA pictures, toys

Here we go. A few little accidents on a cruise to Sweden happened; I blame the alcohol. Of course, as the girls charged on me, I could not lift a finger against them in their assault… due to being such a gentleman… ;_;

So… yeah, I really, like, needed more mascara.

Where are they?

This post has been deleted by a gamefaqs moderator.


Obviously we don’t need ALL of those, since there’s what, almost 200?

Suggestion: Make a folder for each letter of the alphabet. >>;

I’m amazed at the lack of actual pics of me there are considering my avatars and stuff Astral and others have posted.