People who think they are vampires...

It’s nothing new, but I’m curious as to know what other people think about this (which is why I post). I just got directed to a site run by a woman who believes she is immortal and her site is all about kicking out the “un educated” and “judgemental”.

…?I myself do not believe in this, as I believe this site and its followers are sadists who truely believe they can live forever off of blood. It even has a donation sub site where exchanging blood (however possible) is discussed and well…who are these people?

They claim that those with a closed mind should leave, and that vampires exist whether you believe or not and not to be judgemental, but at the same time the warnings (Under educated vampires leave now, we cannot afford having sireless-children on the site, etc) are very suspicious and a bit comical. Are these just sad people, or are they people that should be respected for what they believe in?

Im just posting this because like I said, I’m curious and ask for a public opinion…

Clicka here for the site

I think that when they get through puberty they’re going to have quite a lot of their past to bury…

Either that or they’ll be in for a nasty surprise when they get to be 60 or so. Drinking blood can’t be good for your digestive system.

And I suppose some of them might get some STD or other.

But if you were “directed” to such a site, you must run in some interesting circles (note: RPGC is actually straight-laced and boring)

Some people are just kidding when they do that. It’s like roleplaying. I used to say I am an elf and stuff. I know I am not an immortal creature opf the forrest but it is fun preteding to be so. It’s like verbal cosplay and stuff.

But I do agree that most people who do such things are insane. But isn’t insanity a prerequisite to post here?

Anyone who thinks that being a vampire is the awesomest thing ever gets a smack upside the head by me. Nuff said.

We claim to be insane, but I doubt very few of us, if any, are actually certifiably crazy (maybe Charl). It’s more of a we-don’t-follow-the-norm-so-we-just-say-we’re-crazy kind of crazy rather than a real kind of crazy.

I agree with what you say Kraken. I am also full of mysterious links;a finder of weird ass sites:P

Nah Ren you gotta go to that site, someone couldn’t have gone through all that trouble for an RP…it’s a bit crazy and laughable and they state numerous state that it is quite serious, and in all the articles on finding out if you’re a vampire or not, they bash RP-ers, calling them wannabes and posers. But yeah for all I know it could be a tight online clique but it sure doesn’t seem that way,

For all she said, I could be a vampire. Now all I need is pointy teeth.

Heh, after taking a look, I agree with everything Kraken said.

Who knows… what isn’t possible?

Silly people.

It’s long since they elimitated the disease that gave birth to the myth about vampires, yet people insist on keeping that myth alive. Everyone in this day and age should realize, and know, that all falls to the scythe of Death.

We’re sane, but we are still wahild and cahraayzy guyz!

I only have one pointy tooth, unfortunately. Chipped the other, didn’t notice it. The intact one is huge though. I should get a picture of it.

“Hey guyz, take a look at this. Could I be a vampire?”

Originally posted by Ren
[b]For all she said, I could be a vampire. Now all I need is pointy teeth.

Heh, after taking a look, I agree with everything Kraken said. [/b]

Yeah I know…basically all she said was basically human nature…the angry behavioral patterns, instinct, etc. Some people have it more than others, I just don’t like that sort of thing being turned into an elitist society…along with the heavy usage of “mortal” and “human” like we’re some sort of scum. Plus the site heavily contradicts itself “Someone claiming to be a vampire over the internet is probably not one” and retarded statements like that. Just…ugh. My faith in the human race (or should I say Immortal race…) has just died.

Razor the Tormented. Great name. All the angst of a fourteen year old, in only 16 letters!

I don’t see any articles in the site proper so I’m going to brave the MB’s.

grabs a halberd

Here I go.

[Edit]I saw the EZboard logo and ran like a little grrl. Damn, the horror![/Edit]

The articles are on the left hand side, if you scroll down, you’ll see a shitload of them. How to be turned, what not to do in the presence of a vamp, and the like…the MSG boards are worse trust me…very very sad.

Originally written by that Razor of Torment person
…Split personalities (a.k.a. “The Beast”)…Some display psychic abilities and increasted speed and reflexes…

Damn, and all this time I thought I was a Super Saiyajin.

Those people probably just have some sort of mental illness, or they’re good jokers.

It sounds like they really do believe what they’re talking about, which is sad. However, as long as they don’t try to snack on me, I’ll respect their beliefs.

I didn’t look at the site, and I don’t plan to.

But I did see this episode of Jenny Jones that featured people who thought they were vampires… this doctor came on and said all the risks you can get from drinking blood… including such diseases as AIDS. So… yeah. If anything, these kids’ll live shorter lives than the average “mortal.”

Yeah, house rules like that are common. Anyone who tries to bite my neck (or earlobe, for that matter) had better be a damn good friend or they get a field knife in the roof of their mouth.

Mental illness may not actually be that far off. It probably began at puberty, with that kind of psuedo-sexual obsession with drinking blood. All they have to do is stick with it, I guess.

I just can’t believe these people think that after being born to two mortals, they have surpassed the homo sapien chain and have become superior and immortal just “because” they feel something. I mean, I’m all up for respecting people’s beliefs and all but that’s just kind of fruity. And if you send in any such thoughts you’re immediatly banned off the site. Now that’s a nice religion/cult for ya, Follow our rules or back the fuck up.

Must be the mortal in me…-_-;;

Vampires sucks, period.