People of RPGC...

…I give you, Link’s Quest For Ass!

After view No. 1, go for even more funny in No. 2 (I’m sure you can find No. 2 yourself. But here’s a link(Pun intended) if you need one

Dante, thats fuggin TERRIBLE

That was so stupid and pointless it was funny. I always wanted Link to do that, and many other things :wink:


LQFA1: VERY good and funny.

LQFA2: ULTIMATE FUNNY!!! Best flash I’ve seen!!! (In comedy)

One of many things on the Internet that leaves me going “Oh…KAY then.”

Erm, well, that was…interresting. I loved the music though. It fit in with everything. Wow. Mario didn’t even get some kind ofdying line.

Wow. I can’t watch it. ;__; My computer’s too damned slow. :fungah:

That was one of those movies that makes me want to smash my modem into 1001 pieces. That was painfully awful…why’d Newgrounds even accept it? Oh wait it’s newgrounds…they accept everything.

Didn’t someone show this already? I mean, it’s been out for a damn good while, yeah. Guess you must be the first to point it out.

And thus this sort of ties in with my theory why there’s so many legend of Zelda games, although Mario and Samus had nothing to do with it at the time, because Mario was too busy with the lawsuit against DK and his ex-hermaphodite girlfriend, Princess Peach, and Samus was too busy exterminating gigantic mutant butt nuts.

Back storys…

That was disturbingly stupid. You have no taste, Dante. None at all.

Hey now, that’s not very nice. So you don’t like it. Fine. It’s not in YOUR tastes. Well maybe it’s in HIS tastes.

Angel, if you can say it’s good then Perc can say it’s bad and say that Dante has bad taste for finding it funny. He does have the freedom to say it, you can’t stop him.

I wasn’t telling him to stop, and I understand it’s his freedom, I’m saying it wasn’t very nice thing to say.

So? The worlds isn’t warm and fuzzy with sprinkles on top.

I’m not saying it is.

okay… that was distrubing… << >>

Meh, It was pretty stupid, but I chuckled nonetheless.

Those were horrid, I can’t believe I watched them.

Sad, just plain sad.

And lo, my faith in humanity has dropped a couple points once more. -_-