Passion of the Christ

Anyone else going to see this movie when it comes out? I’m going with my church so I was curious to know if anyone else here plans on going to see it.

I heard it doesn’t have subtitles and all the lines are spoken in latin.

In which case there isn’t much point for me to see it. My whole athiesm thing aside, I’d be interested to see how the movie portrays the last hours of Jesus’s life.

Latin and arameic (however the hell its spelt).

I’m not a religious person, but I am interested in seeing how it turned out. Though I’m not a big fan of Jesus stories for their religious significance, if you put his actions into perspective, he was against the flow.

I’ve gotten so much shit about this shoved down my nostrils from everyone around me from every parishoner who comes to our house that I’m just not going to anymore. Stupid fucking Internet Evangelists.

I’ll be looking at this purely from a sociological viewpoint, so it’ll be interesting to watch the various reactions, and what more controversy and arguments it could possibly create.

I’m pretty sure jesus was completely against spam.

nodnod Next person to anonymously spam their film in innocent online journals of other people will be sent to hell on the spot.

TASTELESS : Mmm… the passion of the Christ… oh yeah baby… suck on the Holy Ghost…

Yeah, I liked how the actor got hit by lightning twice. That’s awesome , even if old news.

I don’t really know if I’ll see it or not, but in my defence, I haven’t gone to the movies for about 2 months because a lack of funds, despite there being movies I’ve wanted to see.

Originally posted by Dragonessa
[QUOTE] I’m pretty sure jesus was completely against spam.
[/QUOTE] Me said dat :3

Yes, I should like to see it.

I think I may go to see it. Who said there wasn’t any subtitles? A preview I saw had em, or maybe it was only the preview… shrug

There’ll probably be a bit of a controversy over it (heck, there already IS) and I’d personally like to see what it’s all about first-hand.

no thanks… not my movie

I heard it was going to be subtitled. The trailer had subtitles in it…

I might see it. Dunno 'bout money.

According to reviews its slightly sadistic and disturbing. I don’t know if I’ll see it, probably not.

It does have subtitiles.

Seeing as my girlfriend is going to become a pastor, she wants to see it. I think it will be intresting. I heard that it opens another look on who killed Christ.

And yeah, he was “against the flow.” But if he hadn’t died I doubt the world as we know it would have Christianity. And without that, I bet much religion would be gone.

But yeah, I’ll see it.

With Christianity out of the picture I’m sure the pagan nature would reign in its place. i don’t see why that would not be?

Originally posted by Gilgamesh
According to reviews its slightly sadistic and disturbing. I don’t know if I’ll see it, probably not.

The R is for realism.

I only just heard about this movie two days ago at church. It looks interesting. There have been a lot of movies made about Jesus, but I think this is the first one to be out in theatres. Correct me if I’m wrong.

I’ll see it, if my parents let me that is.