Passion of the Christ

You’re wrong. The plainly named “Jesus” came out in theaters, I believe. A recorded version of Jesus Christ Superstar may have been shown in thaters. Then, there’s always Ben-Hur: A Tale of the Christ. (:P)

Oh, well, I wasn’t sure… now I know better…

I’m gonna wait and see what everyone else thinks before I shell out eight bucks for it.

If it doesn’t involve Jesus slaying vampires, i want nothing to do with it.

Shinobi has priorities wrong if he/she/it thinks that the best thing Jesus ever did was slay vampires.

I think the movie will be interesting, to say the least. Give people a better idea of exactly what kind of torments He went through.

I have no intention of seeing it. I spent my time with Christianity already. If i wanted to see some good Roman-times documentary, I’d watch the history channel (although all they do anymore is military crap, more’s the pity. TLC’s more concerned with clothes and home improvemnt now as well. The only decent mainstream science-ish cable channel anymore is Discovery) or PBC. If I wanted to see something about someone being tortured, I’d see what Amnesty International has on file.