Paper Mario 2

Well, since it doesn’t seem to have a thread yet I thought I’d make one. “Paper Mario 2: The Thousand Year Door” is fantastic. It’s an enhanced rehash of the original Paper Mario, near identical battle style etc., but it’s awesome. It looks to be of medium length and it’s just soooo much fun to me. Anyone else played it? I give it a solid 9/10.

Rehash like Resident Evil on GC was?

It’s a seperate game from the original Paper Mario but the battle style, graphics, interface etc. are all very similar.

Bought it and well IGN can go to hell…sorry, had to get it out there. One of the best games I have played yet.

I will get this game. Sonic has it already.

I just downloaded the N64 one, and boy is it fun. I’m an idiot. >_<

Prepares “ROM Hacking is illegal” hammer

…Er, I mean, the N64 version was very good. Although, one guy I know was talking about how they could ever make a sequel to that crap. I wonder if he even played it, maybe, but if it was because of the graphics, I actually thought they were pretty dang good. They fit the world perfectly. They were nice-looking, and…er, well, cute. Without being too cute, I suppose.

I heard the Thousand Year Door is pretty simplistic in the storyline, but funny as heck.

*Then again, it is a Mario game, so I mean, I can’t expect much in storyline.

well heres my thing…thousnad year door(to be refered as TYD from now on) looks great, and paper mario so far is good-esque(i just ROMed it as well) but…it is in no way a sequel to smrpg… like it was supposed to be…i liked the smrpg battle engine 10x better…and the fact that in paper mariobowser steals the star rod completely nullifies everything they did in smrpg… pissed me off i was like wow couldnt think of aythuing to do? but past its shortcomings i liked paper mario so ill prolly play TYD

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from playing Mario games ever since I was a toddler, it’s that the storylines are always completely independent of eachother. Paper Mario was never intended to be a direct sequel to SMRPG, so I don’t know why you’re so surprised, crinoalvien. Are you also surprised when Bowser decides to race Mario in go karts or play tennis against him?

Think about it this way, Bowser wants to defeat Mario. He doesn’t fucking care whether it’s on go karts, at tennis, in a party or whatever. As soon as Mario’s there, Bowser appears to try and thwart him. If Mario wanted to destroy the world, Bowser’d appear and say “Shut da fuck up, stupid! I’ll bust a cap in yo’ mustachified ass, yo!”

I dunno if he’d say EXACTLY that…

At a party, lol!! You make it sound like High School Drama or something. :stuck_out_tongue: Boy, that was good :stuck_out_tongue:

AS do Wario Waluigi Donkey Kong Luigi Peach Daisy etc etc etc who want a piece of the stardom Mario has :stuck_out_tongue:

The others are just chillin’ out, actually, DK, as we all know, is too stoned to care about Mario anymore. He’s got his other problems, such as his “banana” addiction problem.

What? Do you think he’s smoking them or something?

i know they arent directly sequeled…so i guess i have absolutely no argument… oh well…i still have my pride. :victoly:

Give us some time and we’ll take that too.

Waluigi and Daisy suck. LUIGI AND WARIO ARE THE MAN!!! …MEN!

I’m dissapointed that they made these “Paper” games. I’m mean, they’re cool and all, but I would have much rather preferred a sequel to SMRPG or at least a game more similar to it, with more playable characters and more RPG elements.

I haven’t played but I want to, sadly I don’t have the system (Game Cube I believe?). So if I want to play it I’ll have to bribe my friend Sam into getting it for his.