Paper Mario 2

I do like SMRPG better, but I don’t mind if they do both.

I’m getting it this weekend. I’ve been looking forward to it for a long time.

Mario’ll take all their bitchasses >:O

Daisy fucking kicks ass! She’s easily my favorite character in Mario Tennis and Double Dash (even she’s a bit of a ditz in the latter of the two…Just how many times does she need to announce during and after a race that “she’s Daisy”?). She’d probably be my favorite in the Mario Golf and Party games too… you know, if I’d ever played them.

But at least, unlike Waluigi, Daisy has her origins in a legit Mario game, rather than just appearing out of the blue in Mario Tennis (I think that was Waluigi’s first appearance). In fact, Daisy’s even older than Wario, although admittedly not as pivotal a character.

Besides, since you seem to love Luigi so much, you should be happy that Daisy is there so he can… you know… get some action. It’s no fair having Mario hog all the princess lovin’.

Also, I’m still waiting for Pauline to make a comeback. She can date Donkey Kong or something. o_O

I like the little mushroom people in Mario Kart: Double Dash! They were cute! :slight_smile:
Oh, and:

Weeeee! Mario comics!