Since I got my computer formatted, I’ve been trying to keep things pretty virus and spyware free. So what’s a good P2P client? Bit Torrent is great and all, but sometimes I just want individual songs. So yes, hit it up.

Whoa I was gonna make this thread later tonight. I want answers too.

We’ve had a hojillion threads on this :stuck_out_tongue: Seriously, search.

Best for music: Soulseek
Best for BT: Bittornado
Best if you know where to go: DC++
General Searching: WinMX

To find shit, use IsoHunt/Yotoshi/SearchIRC.

Just build up a base of good BT sites, and you won’t even need to shit around with end-user programs. That or high-level IRC channels.

And for the love of all that is holy, DO NOT DOWNLOAD eXeem! It uses CyDoor, though it doesn’t tell you that. There is a lite version out, get that. (eXeem LITE).

Devillion is right. Just never, ever download Kazaa and you’ll do fine. :slight_smile:

I use kazaalite k++ which is spyware free.

Kazaalite has been all but shut down by Kazaa itself though. Almost all the main hubs are gone and Kazaa asked ISPs to remove all trace of it. Link.

Yeah, I was wondering what happened to k-lite

Limewire, biznatch.

Thats just the download sites theres still easy ways to get it. I just downloaded kazaa and typed in kazaalite k++ and like 800 things came up.

It may depend on what you’re looking for. Soulseek, for instance, is perfect for fans of techno and electronica; I’ve found incredibly rare songs from those genres there easily. However, it’s not as good for, say, Britpop.

No, I mean Kazaalite DOES NOT WORK. You can still download it but all the supernodes that it uses to search for files have been shut down.

I don’t want to bump your old thread sorc, but about the mixtapes shit, do they ever get pressed? Or do they stay on cassette? If they are only on cassette, then theres no way they will be online, because ripping from tape is more trouble than its worth. If it’s been made into a CD, it has to be online somewhere =\

hmmm shouldn’t that stop the program from finding things you search for, because mine is still working like it always did.

That’s a real shame.


alt.binaries.sounds.mp3 rap.hip-hop.mixtapes

I’m using Shareaza, it’s nice it connects to Gnutella 1 and 2 and eDonkey and it works pretty well. It’s also 100% spywear free from what I’ve seen.

Huh? Well, I mean, they’re called Mixtapes, but they’re on cds. (www.mixtapekings.com).

What do I do with this?

Its a UseNet address, for where i found some in bittorrent form.

aaah. Thanks. So what, these are irc networks?