I just stabbed myself in the toe…

A big knife I was using fell and stabbed my big toe.

kinda funny…

Uh… That’s what you get for dropping knives… on your toes… At least it didn’t get chopped off.


Try getting a Sai in your forearm. Much much worse.

I fell off of a dock once in 4th grade or so. My leg came this close to a gigantic rusty nail:


Approximately, of course. The fall didn’t hurt. There was sand and about 1 inch of water where I landed. So it was kinda like landing on a sandy pillow.

Psi, that distance would depend on monitor size, resolution, font size, etc. Just give an amount.

Yeah Xelo, those might amount to a difference of an entire inch!

You idiot.

My dad was moving furniture this morning and got his big toenail ripped all the way off. Looks pretty cool, completely raw skin.

I almost sliced off my toe with my scimitar last year. All I could say as I was hopping from one foot to the other was “GET THE BEANS, DUDE! GET THE GOD DAMN BEANS!”

Long story…

Did you get a “DAMN! that was stupid” feeling afterwards?

A couple of years back, I’d just returned from a week-long canoe trek in upstate New York, and your injury reminds me of it. I’d gone the whole trip (which was rather arduous) without a single injury. However, the night I arrived back in my hometown I figured I’d have a nice big hamburger grilled up for dinner. I went to separate the slabs of frozen burger with a knife, and naturally slipped, stabbing myself in the left hand. It wasn’t a deep wound, but it was a gusher. Nice dark, healthy red blood. Nearly fainted from the loss of it.

…an hour later, when I’d recovered (ie: imbibed some replacement fluids…the canoe trip had been physically exhausting, and I’d lost ten or fifteen pounds on it), I grilled that damn burger. NOTHING keeps me from my barbecue…

You showed that meat who was boss! And I haven’t gashed myself in a while, but I’ve come pretty damn close way too many times to count.

all of my most serious injuries were in my younger years…

when i was 4-5, i jumped out of a moving golf cart…for a bubble wand.::doh::

when i was in second grade, i was play-wrestling with a friend…when he slammed me face-first into the driveway in front of my house. needed stitches that time.::doh::

i haven’t suffered anything like that for years, though…

That is precisely why PPE isn’t off limits in research labs (and it shouldn’t be in kitchens)

PPE = Personal Protective Equipment. Working with 18M Sulfuric acid makes you want close toed shoes.

:hyperven: 18 mole/litre sulfuric acid? Hell, the most we get to work with at my school is 0.1 m/l

“Sally didn’t wear her protective glasses, now she doesn’t need to…”

Dude, that is some crazy ass potent acid.

Yep. Mix with 12M HNO3 and you get nitronium. Good shit. Then you boil it. Its not easy adding nitro groups to benzene rings by EAS. It took freakin’ forever to neutralize the shit afterwards.

It’s what you get in the honors ochem labs. In g-chem and normal ochem , they might as well give you fucking silly putty. Its really funny, they don’t teach anyone how to really verify what they’re doing at least 85% of the time. Which is esp funny for ochem when they give you a SAMPLE NMR instead of checking hte one you made, and have you identify the formula of the compound.

There goes the first ToB- thread :kissy: Take a plastic knife next time.

You think it was serious? Know that kid-thing in which you place your open hand against a table and stab the table realy rapidly while trying not to stab your own hand? I used to do it when I was 13-14. I never did it again just for fear of the pain.

As for the acid: phew, you got guts. I used to work in the school lab with that thing they use to conservate body parts, I think it’s named formol… But it ain’t as skin-fucking as sulphuric.

<img src=“http://www.rpgclassics.com/staff/tenchimaru/td.gif”> Formaldehyde? And the worst I’ve ever had was almost ripping off my thumb in a freak window/fireworks accident. It hurt like a bitch. And my thumb is still messed up.