Out of touch, looking for games


I was wondering if I could get some good game suggestions. I’ve always been a fan of the NES and SNES Dragon Warrior and Final Fantasy games.

Well, I’ve recently picked up a Playstation 1. I’ve played through FF IX and DW VII, but now I need a list of other Playstation 1 RPG’s that don’t suck.

Are the Breath of Fire and Mana games any good? I already plan on picking up the Final Fantasy remakes (anthology, origins and chronicles).

Thanks for your suggestions.

Legend of Mana is the best game ever! It is significantly different than FF and DW games though, so be warned. Dark Cloud is pretty good, but I guess that isn’t exactly a RPG. More like a Zelda game, crossed with Soulblazer.

I’d give Breath of Fire a chance. BoF 4 is pretty decent, but in my opinion BoF 3 is better. Good luck trying to find a copy of that in stores though.

Final Fantasy 7 is a good game, as well as FF Tactics. A lot of people don’t like FF8 that much (including myself), but you could give it a shot if you want.

I’ve also heard that Xenogears is pretty wicked-awesome, although I haven’t played it myself. Chrono Cross is really good, and you’ll like it even more if you played the original.

Also, if you were at any point a Nintendo junky you should pick up Chronicles/Anthologies/Origins. They’re just ports of older games but they have enough extras to keep you interested.

I highly reccomend the Wild ARMs series.

And of course, if you want some major oldskool action, get FF Anthologies, Chronicals and/or Origens. :hahaha;

Tales of Destiny 2 is also a good thing to get. Although I haven’t finished it myself, I played it far enough to know that it’s good. Another good independant square rpg is Vagrant story, a truly excellent rpg which mixes styles of combats and storytelling to form something very good in my opinion. To finish, the lunar games are somewhat primitive in graphics, but they’re still awesome rpgs =)

Star Ocean: The Second Story.

I highly reccomend the Wild ARMs series.

I second that. Also, I recommend the following:

Star Ocean: The Second Story
Legend Of Legaia
Chrono Cross
Vagrant Story
Parasite Eve

I highly recommend Suikoden and Suikoden II. The main problem is finding them though…

Xenogears owns, it is the best RPG I’ve ever played. But you should only play it if you are willing to kill over 100 hours and take your time to understand the plot.

Originally posted by BahamutXero
I highly recommend Suikoden and Suikoden II. The main problem is finding them though…

It’s not that hard, if you have a high-speed internet connection and no qualms about software piracy.

You can get Suiko isos on most games hubs on DirectConnect.

I second the reccomendation, incidentally. Suikoden and Suikoden 2 are easily the best RPGs available for the Playstation

Well I would suggest:

[li]Final Fantasy VII
[/li][li]Final Fantasy VIII
[/li][li]Legend of Legaia (if you can find it, I can’t)
[/li][li]Wild ARMs

Vagrant Story, which everyone seems to have forgotten, was pretty good.

O_o … Three of us mentionned Vagrant Story

eyes Freya

Pick up Valkyrie Profile, even if you don’t check out Star Ocean 2…there are some similar elements, but VP is much better, in my opinion. Very interesting and different game indeed.

Legend Of Dragoon

If you want something a little different, you could try out Grandia. The plot starts out really slow, but gets better later on in the game. The voice acting is a nice touch as well. Graphics are pretty darn crappy though.

Lunar might be worth a shot too. I bought Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete a while back, but I couldn’t handle the constant anime cut sequences. My buddy raves about it all the time though, so I guess its just a matter of preference.

Originally posted by Drak
O_o … Three of us mentionned Vagrant Story

…Alright that does it, no more after-coursework posting for me EVER AGAIN.

Suikoden 2.

Chrono Cross, Star Ocean 2, and Valkyrie Profile all kick ass.

And let’s not forget Excite Bike.