Our official DQ8 appreciation/help thread.

We would have needed one sooner or later, and even though I don’t have my copy yet, I thought it was high time someone made one. My copy should be in on Tuesday, just in time for me to take it home to play on Wednesday and Thursday, my two luxurious days of rest this Thanksgiving break. Naturally, I can’t ask for help on anything yet, but I’ll give my skill point plans:

One third into sword, one third into boomerang, and one third into courage. Whatever is left over or whenever I think I can afford it, I want to raise spear.

Monster guy:
Half into scythe and half into his special category. If scythe isn’t the weapon that lets you steal, I’ll put 1/3 into each of scythe, special, and the stealing weapon. I’ve never really stolen much in other DQ games, so maybe it won’t even matter, but I want to give it a shot.

The girl (Jessica): Everything goes into the whip and sex appeal. No questions asked, no answers given.

The guy: Sword and special category. Simple and straightforward.

Two days, my friends, two days…

I’ll be playing through DQ8 starting next wednesday night after my exam. I can’t wait to try FFXII either. I am REALLY excited about FFXII.

I’m considering writing a walkthrough for the site. We’ll see how the game goes. I can simply write what I do on my laptop as I go, so it’d be fairly simple.

Well, I want to play Wild Arms F first, but if it doesn’t show up by Christmas I’m buying DQ8 first (the FFXII bonus certainly is attractive.) Still, I’d like to know what I’m getting into first; as I mentioned before, DQ7 was too long (and not good enough) for me to finish, so I’d appreciate any comments you people can make.

PS: I bought the guide, but I’m not done reading it yet. Wow, quite a thick book, lots of extras like folding maps, too.

DQ is DQ. If you didn’t like DQ7, I doubt the series is your cup of tea.

The game is awesome so far. I am loving every minute of it.

My Hero is gonna be focused on Sword, Boomerangs, and Courage.

Yangus: Club, Axe, Humanity

Jessica: Whip, Sex Appeal

Angelo: dunno yet, haven’t gotten him

Oh, and share your alchemy recipes :open_mouth:

So far, I got:

medical herb x2 = strong medicine
strong medicine x2= special medicine
leatherwhip + scale shield = snakeskin whip
knife + iron nail = thief’s key

The FFXII demo was fun too. The game will be awesome if your partner’s AI can be customizable. The Active mode was more fun than Wait mode, but the only thing that bothered me is one of Vaan’s summon’s attack is called Roxxors. I am not kidding.

Does it roxxor?

…Yes >_>

Summons this time around are pretty cool. You summon them, and your other party members dissappear. The summon fights alongside with you, for a set amount, and when it’s time is up, it unleashes it’s Special.

I heard it (FFXII) was like an offline FFXI. And that just sounds horrible.

Thats not true, this game isn’t even close to the same, also it isn’t as long, its around 60 hours as compared to the 100+ for 7. This is my new favorite game, and thats saying something because I really loved 7. I’ve had this game since friday and I’ve played around 12 hours.

I heard it was made by the people from VS, therefore that sounds absolutely awesome.

I haven’t gotten to the demo yet, but from what I’ve heard I’m not very excited at all about the battle system. However, seeing is believing, so I’ll reserve the official judgment until then. :smiley:

DQ8 - I love this game! Really, I do. :smiley: I’m not all that far along (I just got Jessica), but here’s what I’ve done for points:

Hero - swords, courage, and spear (so far)
Yangus - clubs (money stealing), scythes (item stealing), and compassion

I heard that there aren’t enough points awarded to master everything, even if you get to level 99, but I heard that there are Skill seeds that give extra points. Anyone know more about these?

I’d also like to know more about the Alchemy Pot mixes and the extra monsters.

So far I’m a little disappinted. It starts off much better than most DWs/DQs, but then it sort of falls. I like the skill system since it gives some customization, but I also don’t like how you only get points at the level. I loved the DW7 classes since you didn’t have to level to become more powerful it offered rewards steadily. Also, it upsets me that the hero doesn’t get nearly as many skill points as the other characters. When my hero levels up he gets about 4 skill points and the other will get 7 or 8 if they aren’t getting many that level. It is also sort of bugs me that it is written in British English and not American English. I cringe each time I see a word spelled the other way (like looking at the menu and seeing “defence” instead of “defense”).

The world music is really good though;I like it. The alchemy pot also seems pretty cool. I haven’t messed around with it too much, but it seems like it’ll be a lot of fun later in the game. The psyche up adds some nice strategy to the battles. The world map is also awesome and it is cool being able to see so far. The cell shading is the best that I’ve seen on the PS2 (the GC still does it better though). I like how the action starts a lot earlier than in DW7. DW7 was really slow to start, but was awesome once things got going. This one is starting off much better, so it should just keep building.

Some of my complaints are just because in recent months I’ve started to like American RPGs much more than Japanese RPGs. American RPGs are generally more action oriented and give a lot more customization, which I like. They don’t have as good of music, look, or story, but the gameplay is just more my thing.

I’m still saving the final judgement for when I finish it.

As for the FF12 demo, comparing it to FF11 seems pretty fair. The look is a lot like FF11 (it even has some of the FF11 only monsters) and the battle system does have a similar feel (it just isn’t as smooth since ti is for several characters instead of just one).

Shouldn’t you finish DQ7 FIRST :stuck_out_tongue:


Doh! I was making my post before you posted, I was asking Vicki since she’s been on 7 forever.


One thing I forgot to add is that I don’t like how this one has a subtitle. I know it is minor and doesn’t really interfere with the game, but none of the others had a subtitle, so I wish this one didn’t either…unless they plan on releasing another DQ8 (which would be cool).

Yeah, I guess I should… ha, thanks for remembering and calling me on it. :smiley: It’s that whole “I’m at the end of the game, do I HAVE to finish it?” syndrome… or more like I’m trying to get mad crazy Job points fighting slimes at Krage. >.> I’ll get to it, but that means I’ll have to unstack and unpack several boxes literally just to get to it!

Story-wise, since these are loosely supposed to be trilogies, what’s the deal with this one? So far I’m not feeling a thread connecting with 7 at all, unless you count the Maribel lookalike selling random herbs at Port Prospect.

I think Enix may have given up on the trilogy thing, or I just haven’t seen the connection yet. The connection in IV-VI was very <I>very</I> feint (the existance of Zenethia, which looked pretty different and appeared differently in each of the three games).

This is not the first with a subtitle. The game known in the US as Dragon Warrior VII was known over there as Dragon Quest VII: Eden no Senshi-tachi, before that was Dragon Quest VI: Maboroshi no Daichi, and the fourth was Dragon Quest IV: Michibikareshi Monotachi. This may be the first time we’ve seen the series in the US with a subtitle, but it’s also the first time we’ve seen the series in the US under the name “Dragon Quest.”

I’m not sure what you mean by it “sort of falling.” So far, I’ve really enjoyed it. I’m about 15 hours in (I just got the Venus’ Tear), and it’s seemed to stay pretty interesting so far.

The only complaints I have is that the menu makes it look more like a Square game than a DQ title, and that the retranslation uses spell names that I’m not yet used to. Of course, that’s completely asthetic, but I figure I should mention it. Other than that, I’m completely happy with the game.

I only briefly tried the FF12 demo. Based on what I saw, I think my 15 year love affair with the Final Fantasy series may be over. Hopefully, Dragon Quest VIII sells enough that they decide to keep publishing those over here.

I mean that it starts off pretty interesting, but then it just becomes uniteresting. Like DW7 started off so slow. Wasn’t it like 2 hours before you even fought a battle? Then it was another couple of hours until the story really started to develop and then it just kept building from there. So far, this started with a battle and a quest and stuff,w hich is cool, but the story never really picks up or gets going. Nothing really builds and my interest is falling. I’m at Ascantha and the girl just asked me to see her grandma about the tale and I just keep waiting for something to happen and to really work for. Like the part where we met Dhoulmagus and he killed the Abbot was cool and I started to get interested, but then it just went down again. Yes, Dhoulmagus is bad and all, but what else? I just haven’t really got attached to the characters. It’s just more of fetch this, fetch that with little reward for doing it. There just isn’t any direction. Yeah, I’m going to places and helping people, but there isn’t a lot of motive to do so. Like in DW7 it was cool to save a island because of the time element and you could see the effects. I guess there was just more instant gratification. It is also just a little harder to get into since the battles take so long. I’ve got no problem with grinding, but I want faster battles if I’m going to do it. I have read that the game picks up afetr you get Angelo, so maybe things’ll get better after I help the king. I didn’t initially like DW7 and it ended up being one of my favorites.

I guess it’s opinion at that point, but I excuse a few fetch quests if the story is okay. That’s why I still like Lufia 2. It’s almost entirely fetch quests, but it’s still good.

Another complaint about DQ8. NO POKER IN THE CASINO!!! >_<