Ouch. ;_;

So, there I was, snowboarding down this slope, and there were some tree stumps buried under some snow, and I was going pretty fast. I didn’t notice it until I was about 2 meters from it, even then, it wasn’t enough time to get out of the way. Well, my board smashed into it, and I went flying some 10 feet from the stumps, and rolled a couple of times; and then was dragged about 5 feet, putting pressure on my elbow. My elbow, afterwards, started bleeding heavily; I didn’t know skin was that undurable. I got a pretty big cut on my right arm, and my left arm is fine. I got a cut on my left knee, not sure how, and it’s all hurt up. My nose was bleeding afterwards, 'cause I slipped walking down the slope from there on, and landed on my face. ;_;. My snowboard, a 3 month-new Burton Air™ got some scratches on it; and some of the color is fading off on the bottom. There’s one dent, but it’s so minute, I don’t really care. Too bad I wasn’t wearing at least some protection, I might’ve gotten out of it unhurted. So uh… post shit about it. Fuck, my knee really hurts. >:.

I am willing to wager money some people will find this very funny. Did you have any of these injuries looked at by a doctor?

Might I ask why? Is it because letting someone you dislike get injured, insues hilarity to some individuals?

Edit: Yeah, nothing big. It’ll heal.

Shit man that’s tough. You should of been wearing protection, definately, because those sort of activities can be quite dangerous. My friend ended up getting a concussion because he didn’t have a helmet, and he doesn’t even know what happened.

To me, wearing protection is meaning you’ll be protected, but you’ll look like a noob. I hate noobism. I was wearing some goggles, however. No helmet, knee pads/arm pads, or anything else. My clothing was my only protection.

I wouldn’t mind a few pads, but a helmet usually blocks your peripheral vision and makes going down the hill more awkward.

Well if you want to sacrifice your physical safety for pointless aesthetics issues, then by all means, break your legs and skull.

:< I’ll consider wearing knee pads next time. I’m definately never wearing a helmet, and armpads cannot protect against scratches on my arms, like the one I recently got. Unless there is an armpad that stretches accross the whole arm; then I’ll consider it.

While I can be sadistic, no that’s not the reason. That’s a nasty accident and I’ve had my share of skiing adventures, although nothing quite that bad. Depending on what you like to do on your snowboard, it might be advisable to wear protection. Noobism has nothing to do with easily preventable injuries. I’ve known a lot of people that have broken wrists snowboarding, for example.

That’s just what I was gonna say, plus “Are you stupid?”. I’m really sorry you got hurt but risking it just to not seem dumb actually makes you dumb.

All I really do is go down the slope really fast. :< I’ve attempted some tricks, like some flips, but I either look very stupid doing them, or fail miserably. I can do 180’s and 360’s though no problem. So really, I’d not expect to run into any injuries just doing some runs down the slope (I rarely do anything but go down the hill. :stuck_out_tongue: Just the experience is entertaining enough. :>).

That’s just what I was gonna say, plus “Are you stupid?”. I’m really sorry you got hurt but risking it just to not seem dumb actually makes you dumb.

I cannot foretell the future; so I could not have predicted I would end up smashing into some tree stumps. I never wear stuff like a helmet or related; only goggles, but had I known I’d get hurt, I would’ve worn them. I just expected it to be another run down the slope, nothing more.

That’s why it’s called “prevention”. It’s obvious you can’t tell if you are going to get hurt or not, but an accident can happen at any time. Good Lord, I sound like my mother now…

Yeah, but who needs protection if you’re just going down a slope? I mean, sure, there are the occassional obstacles, and perhaps some jumps that could get you hurt, but this wasn’t the case. Again; if I had known this’d happen, I’d be prepared.

You, apparently. These things can happen even when you think you are completely safe, you just proved that.

Yeah, I’m all for looking badass, but snowboarding is really not the time or place to look pretty.

Isn’t it more noobish to have a fractured skull?

… I’d never looked at it that way. If I ever go snowboarding, I am not going to wear pads!
Chicks dig mangled dudes!

You’d think so, but no. No, they don’t.

Scarred, not mangled.

I got two words for you


But seriously, use protection. Because even with it, you can still fuck something up. it’s just not as bad as without.