Ouch. ;_;

How badly can you possible get hurt on <i>snow</i> anyway?

Owned, noob.

It’s not the snow, it’s the things in the snow. Like ice, rocks, and tree stumps in Setzs situation.

It is also the manner in which you fall. The speed at which you hit rocks and ice and the way you fall on it and your weight is distributed will make all the difference in terms of what kind of injuries you’ll have.

Yeah, snowboarding is a place now.

Yeah, owned by part of a tree.

I don’t understand. Did you mean that I should put ice cubes on my wounds? I’m tolly lost.

But people cannot see a fractured skull… but they can see noobish eq.

Nah, more like seeing someone get hurt in general is funny to people.

Ow…that doesn’t sound fun. >.o

Why the hell were there tree stumps on the slope in the first place? Unless you were going down a slope in the park you made yourself, there shouldn’t be any obstacles on the slope at all. Maintenance crews should’ve taken care to keep the area clear before opening it to the public.

People don’t see a fractured skull, true, instead they see the many bandages, lack of hair etc. that come with it. Those are infinitly more noobish than anything else.
Oh yeah, bad luck on the whole injury thing.

It’s very easy to tell someone how silly aesthetics are compared to safety, until it affects you. Imagine being told that cars should only be ridden wearing helmets and body pads, or that you need a helmet to ice-skate. Avoiding awkwardness (of movement and appearance) frequently outweighs safety.

My guess is as good as yours. By the way, it wasn’t in a park.

Oh, I meant to post this earlier, but now my right leg is starting to get red. I didn’t notice it yesterday. I can’t explain it… =/

The whole thing about ice cubes is that someone once said it in a tech help thread when asking about fixing a heatsink. Though in your case, it may actually be good advice. In other words, Yes, put a fucking icepack on your leg. It will reduce the redness/swelling

I told you to go see a doctor.

And I told you I did. :stuck_out_tongue: I didn’t see one about my newly found red leg, though. I mean, it’s just red. It’ll go away.

Some people said the same thing about communism.

No, it’s cause Sinistral and the others have no weeners!

And I’m sorry about the falling. I’ve always wanted to know what it feels like to have a giant crash like that and go rolling/sliding across the ground for more than a few feet.

Edit: Setz, don’t worry about looking like a noob, don’t all the pros wear pads and stuff?

The crash was a cool experience. I mean, except for the agonizing pain. I don’t reccomend it. :stuck_out_tongue: The red it gone, but when I touch the afflicted area; it starts to burn.

Also, not all pros wear pads and stuff… well, maybe armpads/kneepads, but not helmets. Goggles are common, however.

I’m pro-communism. Besides, it’ll never go away; some people will forever feel that way. :stuck_out_tongue: