Other forums you hang out at?

Are their any other forums that you guys waste your precious time in? I mean, RPGC can’t be the only place on the internet to bash newbies and Bush while wondering what the hell this “outside” place is.

I hang around at my board (Lakeside View)
The two boards in my signature. Well, one, since I got banned for posting a picture I didn’t mean to post.
Harvest Moon Otaku fourms.
I also visit some GameFAQ boards from time to time.
And a couple of other boards on ezBoard, where my board is located at.

This is the only forum that is really worth it,thats why i always hang around here,i also visit the gamefaq’s forums but not as regularly as before.

A Team Fortress Classic forum that has evolved into something similar to this, only people are quite a bit more hostile; more to my liking anyway.


Right here. :smiley:

There are other forums? Blasphemy!

I browse through the Megatokyo forums sometimes.

<img src=“http://www.rpgclassics.com/subsites/twistedrpg/images/hero/rirse.gif”> No comment on your stupid remark at the begining of the thread. p:unch::

As for the topic, the following boards I visited are listed below in order of organization.

Civilization Fanatics : I haven’t played Civilization 3 in a while due to the Sims (that coming up), but I keep the board under my favorites anyway.

Darkwing Duck Diary Hotboard : My orignal message board I started out on, the Darkwing Duck Diary Hotboard. While the site of the same name no longer exists, the message board has carried on and is a great source for information about the Masked Mallard.

Home Theater Forum : The ultimate place to find the newest dvd information. Has great reviews, nice people, and various boards for you people who want the ultimate home entertainment system. Note, you have to use your real name there, so I am listed as Kenneth Cummings instead as Rirse.

Toon Zone : A great place for all kinds of animation from over the years. Their reviews tend to be negative, but that doesn’t mean their site isn’t good.

Snoopes’ Urban Legends Reference : Excellent message board for the urban legends website, Snoopes. Most of the boards contain various legends that people pondered about, but the rest contain Grade A discussion on other forms of entertainment.

The Sims BBS : The offical message board for the Sims, the strange game where you control your own creation in any sick form possible. The main site isn’t the greatest (SimDay tends to suck a lot), but the Exchange makes up for this by containing great stories and helpful tips. Board is nice, but needs work.

Not mentioned are the message boards I used to visit, namely Eyes on Final Fantasy, VGF (Video Gamers First), and RPG Engine (part of RPGMaker.net). The first one isn’t the same, the second sucks big time due to the Jimish owner, Shane, and the last one is very dead, but I think you all know that by now. :smiley:

Far too many than is healthy for me… only one other video game-related one, though :-/ (yes, there are boards dedicated to subjects other than games and anime! :-p )

www.ffaddiction.co.uk/forums (although it’s being redecorated right now),
www.sadgeezer.com (best cult site on the net, and that’s the bottom line :smiley: )
http://nebagram.ffaddiction.co.uk/forums (hey, this basically amounts to a legal advertising thread, right? :wink:

and a couple other boring quiz show/scrabble ones. :slight_smile:


I used to consider www.cityofangel.com/phorums as my forum home base until I got banned, so that’s why i got all into RPGC more heavily than usual, several months ago, because it was the only other forum I went on. I helped set up a forum (listed in my sig) for “refugees” from the www.cityofangel.com/phorum a couple months ago. I am also quite active in usuyami.vauss.com/forum, which is a Witch Hunter Robin message board (the only one on the net, I believe).

I lurk in www.planetsocksinteractive.com and the Valkyrie Profile GameFAQS board.

RPGC is my main hideout, but I also lurk the Tides of Blood forums, (It’s a soite for a Warcraft 3 map), and a couple of webcomic forums.

Well, this is the only forum where I <I>hang out</I>…

I just lurk at some others…

Used to check Occult Forums
Same for Polygaming and Svenska Magic (both swedish)
and now I’m lurking a bit at Sweclockers (also swedish) just because I’m looking for some info about computer related stuff…

Neo-geo forums - www.neo-geo.com
Team Gwai Lo forums - (currently down)
MTT forums - http://morethantoast.com/yabbse/index.php
Animeboards - http://animeboards.com/ (nulani has like, umpteenmillion posts here =P)

Yea, but i spend most of my time here.

I browse GameFAQs (I tend to only post in the less populated boards there, more intelligence there. But I do browse the ‘mainstream boards’ just for kicks on occassion).

I used to browse the forums at the X-Com Tactical Command, but now I only check the XCGS boards there (XCGS = an IRC and forum RP taking place in the cancelled X-Com Genesis)

I tend to lurk around various others completely at random as well.

Wow. I never knew we hid, Pierson.

The message board for the gaming club I go to.

Ok, I’ve got over 800 post in 2 years at http://forum.thetribeuk.com/ but recenly its KO it self.

And http://www.penningtonchurch.com/ the quaility of my posts (and ideintal Avatar) will give me away there.


I used to post rather heavily at the old Starmen.net Forums, but the stupidity level skyrocketed so I took off. I then moved on to the now defunct Moonside.net forums before they collapsed. I took about 4 months away from all web forums, before finding all you nice folk here at RPGC.

Although I really don’t post on the RTS Games Forums I do read the topics for information on Warcraft III DotA game balance. I’m a whore for W3 custom games.

I’m not nearly into forums as I used to.

Now I usually just spend my time AIMing, and to a lesser extent, bidding on auctions.

The author seems to be the fanfiction equivalent of McCarthy, and we her US Commies. “Are you now or have you ever been a member of the Godawful Fan Fiction Forum?”