Origin of the slang term "pwned"

Most of you here know of the popular fad that is to replace the o in owned into a p, turning it into pwned.

Here are the origins of it.

Now all I have to do is figure out which is the real one. The 5th one sounds the most likely to me.:mwahaha:
What do you think?

I was saying “pwned” before I even knew it was a “real” word…it’s quite a common typo.

I know its just a misspelling not sure of the origin, but with thousands of gamers typing “owned” all over the net theres bound to be typos and they stick, just like pr0n

So, you’re saying a website that ANYONE can submit information to is an authoritative source on etymology?

This one is especially funny:

its pronounced P00NED you n00bs, dont make me pwn your whole n0bbish clan

A reliable source I’m sure, despite the lack of proper grammar.
I personally imagine it to be “pawned,” with as little emphasis on the “a” sound as possible.

Well the ones that are serious are possible origins.
Pay no attention to the joke ones.

I always pronounce it in my head as “pound.” Makes sense to me. :stuck_out_tongue:

I always assumed it meant pawned, as in you go to a pawn shop and pawn some individual, it made sense.

Well it actually means “owned”.
You never knew that?

For its origins, you need look no further than the placement of the ‘P’ key directly next to the ‘O’ on a standard keyboard. I just say ‘owned’ myself, and I did always imagine ‘pwned’ pronounced ‘pawned’.

I was never sure whether that particular use of the word ‘owned’ came from gaming either. I can recall back in middle school before internet gaming became so widespread where is was used to term the loser of a verbal or physical battle. Still is.

Most of the original internet slang words trace their origins back of course to chat rooms, or even the old MUD games.

I’d say the same as Caleb…
The O and P keys are just next to each other…
And it’s impossible to know which game it started in, 'cause it’s a very easy misspelling to do so it might have started in several different places at different times, totally independent of eachother…

Yeah I also just said “owned” because the whole debating thing over the pronounciation of a mispelled word in the first place is kinda silly to me.

I’ve always pronounced it “poond.”

I’ve pronounced it as a slightly twangy version of “punned”.

And I also buy into it just being because of the O and P keys…heck, I could come up with a dozen theories like those guys did. I don’t buy into that much, interesting as it may be.

I always pronounced it “punned” too.
I guess you have a point about the P and O keys.

I always pronouced it as “owned” with a P. I’m not sure how you’d spell that…“powend” doesn’t look like that…but that’s how I pronouce it.

Ugh, i hate internet slang and hax0r. It’s like talking to someone with a bunch of marbles in their mouth.

Originally posted by GG Crono 4
I always pronouced it as “owned” with a P. I’m not sure how you’d spell that…“powend” doesn’t look like that…but that’s how I pronouce it.

Same with me =)

SK, Zero, do you remember our little fantastic voyage?


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I’ve always pronounced it “poond.”