Orakio in a coma...

Yeah it’s really a sad thing to say, but his cousin came into IRC earlyer this morning and said Orakio is in a coma…

It’s a really hard thing to think about, I’m not sure whether he will live or not, a coma is a serious thing and I’m sure you all know that. No one is currently sure of what is going to happen, but all we can do is hope, prey, and just think about it…

Zio is the name his cousin used in IRC, he is going to give us an address where we can send get well cards, or whatever you feel of sending.

Life can just end so fast… Teaches us not to take things for granted… Do we really waste our lives on here?

Oh, Dear Lord, THIS is what he meant! Jesus, when I spoke to him yesterday, he sounded depressed, i thought he was gonna take his life!

I am sure he will live. There are more people recovering from such a condition than not recovering if you look into medical statistics, plus Orakio has always been strong against his illness.

Jvlar… He could die?

Can’t think of anything to write…

Kind of freaky, I hope he recovers, but any coma is pretty scetchy as far as recovery.:fungah:

Actually…i was guessing that something like this will happen in a long or short time…but i really hope that Orak gets better…maybe God wants him in his Realm…hope not yet…

Hopefully he’ll recover, come back even better than he once was.

Considering I don’t know anything about the situation. It’s the best I can wish for, for him. I’m not a believer, but I do hope that the one he worships will be there for him.


I must admit, I was afraid something like this could happen, ever since I heard that he had something growing next to his brain.

I was just hoping it wouldn’t be THAT grave…

He might or might not recover. I guess we must prepare for the worst… but without giving up on him.

I know that those of us who are religious will pray for him.

God be with you, Orakio.

Definitly unfortunate, and I probably will write a nice little something and mail it to him, but Im not going to worry myself much, I’m sure he’ll be just fine, and if he isn’t just fine, well, such is life.

This does make me think that, seeing as how life can just be whisped from you so quickly, I am torn between a few thoughts of how people should live their lives; should people live to the fullest while they can, or be careful so they can live longer? I choose the former, to an extent. My language arts teacher, when he was 16, put together a list of things he wanted to do before he died, and he has kept it, and done most of the things he wanted to do. Lately, since I’m also 16 now, I’ve been thinking about doing something like this, and in light of this event, I think I will.

I hope he feels better, however if he does, he’s gonna come back and spout more god shit at us, how god wanted him around and stuff. Not gonna be cool.

poor Orak ;_;

I’m talking with Orak’s cousin on AIM right now, he said Orak had written something like a will before he fell. He had various things to say about some people. This is what he had to say about me.

“Val, of all the people I knew in this world, I’ve felt the happiest knowing you. It is my regret that I probably won’t be alive to see you in person. I’m pleased to know that I will be seeing you in heaven. In case something happens that I never get to say this, I want to tell you that I love you. Please keep your spirits up and know that I will always love you.”

…Dammit, why’d he have to say that?! Now I just feel so bad…

This is scary…

From talking to Zio, he genuinly thought he was going to die, so he wrote out little things to say to certain people. If he wrote anything about me, I’d be interested to hear it, but I doubt it.

Woah, thats some pretty heavy stuff Val. I take it the guys Aim name is Zio?

That sucks.

I hope the guy comes out of it; ideally soon, so he doesn’t lose too much of his finite time on earth.

Originally posted by Frameskip
Woah, thats some pretty heavy stuff Val. I take it the guys Aim name is Zio?

Yes, it is.

And I swear on all that I hold Holy, if Orak doesn’t come out of this Coma, then I’ll have t share a secret that I have horribly kept from Orak and most of RPGC.

You people are so gullible it boggles my mind.

Originally posted by Sinistral
You people are so gullible it boggles my mind.

In a sense, Im starting to agree with you. Theres far too much convenience for my liking, but Orakio doesn’t seem to be the kind of person that would do something like this.

I pray to God that Orak snaps out of it. He’s the one at RPGC I felt I could look up to. Dammit, why…

The new people I can’t blame so much though. I guess I’m being a tad critical of you all. But you should observe things with a more critical perspective. I guess science taught me not to take much at face value.