Operation: Anime Mindfuck

Anyways, so tonight and tomorrow, my dad’s having a meeting with some of his parishoners, which means I’m gonna be stuck with a 12-year old who I’ve met on several different ocassions and been annoyed by for the entire night. You know how annoying young suge-rushing kids can be.

Now, this little kid loves cartoons, 'specially Yu-Gi-Oh, etc. So since I’m a mean-spirited bastard when it comes to people I hate, I’m gonna search out the sickest and most disturbing anime I can find and show them to him, in the hope of A) warping his brain, B) making sure said kid never comes back to the house again ever and C) Putting him off anything cartoony-looking for the rest of his life. The last kid that came here I tried Ninja Scroll and Akira on, but that didn’t seem to work. I need something hardcore.

I need suggestions. He’s gonna be here in a few hours. I hate all children. Help me.

How about we just trade places? I can stand those cartoons and then you can deal with my brother watching sports and movies he’s watched a dozen times, my dad does the same thing as well sigh.

Speaking of yugi-oh I saw this dvd yesterday…http://www.schoolofduel.com/DesktopDefault.aspx?tabindex=6&tabid=52 Isn’t that sad?

This isn’t helping meeeeeeeeeeeeee!

And yeah, it is kinda weird. Not really surprising though. I’d bet there was a Pokemon CCG one as well if you looked hard enough. Or not very hard at all.

Make him watch yaoi. He won’t look at anime the same way again.

Tie him down and carve a large cross into his chest with a steak knife.

That should keep him away from you for a bit.

That has the large disadvantage of keeping me away from everything I hold dear, on account of being in PRISON.

Sorry, i don’t like the idea of showing them something more mature. My feeling is that kids should be kids for as long as they can well till high school at least. I suggest you bring over a few games: card, board, system, whatever so you don’t have to be braindead by the time you can leave. Or if you could bring a book/game for yourself and headphones and tune it out. Is the kid going to be at your house? You could show him some of your stuff i dunno.

I dn’t know if this is relevant, but there IS a pokemon CCG. It’s accualy one of the better ones out there, belive it or not. (I used to play, but not anymore.)

Originally posted by GG Crono 4
I dn’t know if this is relevant, but there IS a pokemon CCG. It’s accualy one of the better ones out there, belive it or not. (I used to play, but not anymore.)

I actually meant training videos FOR said CCG. :stuck_out_tongue:

Sailor Moon sounds like just the job. I babysit an 8 year old named Devon and I luuuurve torturing him with Sailor Moon.

But of course since you mentioned the kid liked cartoons, he might like SM as well.

Originally posted by Pierson
I actually meant training videos FOR said CCG. :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh, there’s those too. I’ve seen 'em.

Make him watch something YOU wanna watch. YOUR house, YOUR rules, babay. :cool:

Jungle wa Itsumo Hale Nochi Guu is likely to completely screw up the kid’s mind, but it’s really funny too, so there’s a chance he’ll like it, but a few of the episodes have some really disturbing scenes with (rear, thankfully not frontal) male nudity.

Urotsukidoji makes people vomit in some countries. ESPECIALLY The Return of the Overfiend.

Alternatively, Berserk, if you can’t stand Urotsu yourself.

Maybe Lain or boogiepop phantom…confues the heck out of the kid.

I’d suggest Dragon Pink, but that’s actually pretty tame. Uh, try La Blue Girl. I haven’t personally seen it, but just about anything with tentacles would probably do.

Heh. Having fun thinking up ways to warp children’s minds?

REmind me never to let you people babysit my kids.

Ninja scroll!

He went back home aout an hour ago. I showed him End of Eva and Urotsukidoji (sp?). I think I managed to hammer the point home. With a rusty nail.

Urotsukidoji should do the trick.
Serial Experiments Lain and Boogiepop Phantom don’t serve to scare people away, just confuse the shit out of them.