Only 2 words can describe F Zero GX

Holy. Shit. :moogle:

I was playing this at best buy - i was getting dizzy lol

Pure. Crap.

I don’t like it :-\

You say that about everything, thus your opinion is void.

Originally posted by Sinistral
You say that about everything, thus your opinion is void.

My opinion matters no more than yours does… :-\

Wrong, since mindless trolling for the simple purpose of elevating oneself above others with the belief that just being different from whatever social group you’re in is moronic and is not supported by the governing individuals of this community. Continuing to do so will get you banned (again) since we have rules against trolling and we always advise that if you’re going to attack anything, that you do it in a mature and justifiable fashion in order to provide to the discussions of this forum (which trolling doesn’t do).

Originally posted by Exo
My opinion matters no more than yours does… :-\
Yeah, but it matters a whole lot less.

Come on Sin, if you can post your opinion, why can’t he? Not everything has an underlying meaning of deception and opposistion to everything, even with exo.

I don’t really like the look of the game either.

Try it. The game is simply nuts. Its an improvement in every way from F Zero X on the 64. And that says A LOT.

The difference sorc, is that I didn’t troll and there are rules against trolling.

I like how they convey the sense of speed but its a little disorienting sometimes.

As much as I LOVE difficult games (Go Ikaruga) and look for a challenge in games now, the curve is just nuts. The first two races are a joke, then BAM. It hits you in the face like a sack of bricks. Then it continues to beat you while you’re on the ground. A friend of mine bought it the day after it came out, and he’s still on the 6th race.

yet another reason to get a Gamecube.

I do admit that the way they ordered the tracks is a bit odd, but its not that hard once you get used to the controls. I remember finishing the 5th map in 17th place the first time and thinking “how the hell am I supposed to survive this hell hole” and a little practice showed how absurd it was: L and R.

I haven’t liked it quite as much as the 64 version yet, but maybe I will after playing it for a while. What I’m really disappointed in is the lack of haveing 28 other cars on the track when you’re doing 4-person multiplayer (unless I’m a moron and glossed over the option?). Otherwise, it does play smoother and faster. And you gotta love those cheese story mode cutscenes.

I do admit I was hoping they’d add comps to the multiplayer mode… But the 64 version didn’t have that either.
At first I thought I liked the 64 version better but after thinking about it, it was more because the 64 brought a lot of innovations while the GC version improved on a lot of things from the 64 versions.

Question for owners though: does the X cup make a come back? Please say yes.

I’m lousy at racing games, so I don’t think I’ll like it.

Nethack and Star Ocean also continue to keep a hold on my soul.

Originally posted by Exo
[b]Pure. Crap.

I don’t like it :-\ [/b]

F-Zero’s fun. The spirals make me dizzy, but the graphics are good enough to make anyone lightheaded. Sin just needs to hurry up and unlock one of the female characters, and then it’ll be even better ;D

Edit: haven’t played enough of the N64 version to really make a comparison, but I dunno… I kinda like the controls better on this one.

…I just played it today.

I second the “Holy shit”, Sin. This is just awesome.

I’m impressed, a map I can’t pass yet (I’ve tried a few times) in Grand Prix: Emerald Cup map 4: lightning half pipe. Wow. Just…wow x_X.