I’ve made it! I’m king of the hill! LOOK AT ME AND PRAISE MY GLORY!

Now… I guess keeping with the theme that I noticed Trillian do (as well as others from what I’ve heard)



What’s with you and Cammy?

How long until your avvie is changed and your posts removed?

Change your title

Cammy has filled the following criteria of my life:
~She’s my best street fighter character
~She’s voted top tier in CVS2
~She’s the cutest capcom girl, period
~She loves me.

Cammy is censored, why remove her? And my posts are just as legit as other people… except there were some people who did the whole reply with stupid one liners like “lol”.

As soon as I can figure out how!

Who is the best ever mailbag host.

I’m a suck up, what can I say?

I think you have to wait until an admin makes it available. I didn’t have the option to change the title right away either.

Here it goes:

What’s the meaning of life?
Magus Zeal vs Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles?
Where in space is Carmen Sandiego?

Macc’s hq or okarion hideout.

This is the best answer I can give for now.

That depends, do the Turtles have Splinter with them? If so, Splinter wins… If not, Magus.

Uranus is what you want to hear isnt it…? I knew it.

Nope, shes on the Mars trying to steal rocks cause she’s friggin stole everything else in the world. At least this way its no ones property and she can get away with it.

Macc’s HQ, it has a megaman sprite edit.

You didn’t answer mine.

Is there an uncensored version of your avatar somewhere? >>;

What is better twisted rpg thearter or super adventure yar.

Yes, on my computer. I recolored her and made it look like she was nude. There’s no nipple though. I could be comissioned into doing somthing though… grin

GAH, Enough please, I dont read sprite theatres! But as for this one… ummm, Twisted RPG Theatre (it just has a cooler name).

Did you know that animated GIFs are annoying as Hell?

If there’s no nipple couldn’t you just say it was a skin coloured suit and leave her bounce?

and her boobs bounce…

Star Ocean or Tales of Phantasia?

  • Grabs a very sharp sword *

Think carefully before answering this one.

tales of phantasia…sequels are almost never as good as the original…star ocean was a sequel right?