No, they just resembled each other a lot. Tales of Phantasia’s sequel was Tales of Eternia (Or Destiny, I’m not sure which one is the second and which one is the third), and Star Ocean’s sequel was Star Ocean 2.

well even still my opinion stands

Hey, I had a few of my rougher avvies censored, but it was still removed.

Smiles @ Zero


  1. If you were in a situation where zombies have taken over your town,

a) 12gg Remington Shotgun and 12 shells or a 9mm S.T.A.R.S Custom Semi-Automatic with 24 bullets? (2 clips)

b) What would be your SENSIBLE AND reasonable course of action?

  1. What are you going to costume up as for Halloween?

Insert muttering about Felicia and how Cammy’s green Delta costume is better.

Congrats on your 1,000 posts!

Who here at RPGC do you feel you are the most like?

How did you happen to stumbe upon this wonderful place?

How did you create your name?

No sex for you.

How did you manage to <strike>spam</strike> post so much?

Only to those who dont like them! Hah!

The answer to this would be jaded because I’ve not played Tales of Phantasia… I did love Star Ocean 2 though.

As a side note, I also VERY MUCH love Tales of Symphonia, alot more than Star Ocean 3…

a) If I HAD to coose, I’d go with the Remington, trust worthy weapon. Plus, being born in Kentucky I have an innate +2 bonus to using shotguns… lol

b) Well, besides the gun, I’d swing by a hardware store and grab a sledgehammer. Chainsaws are not only impractical but will NOT work like they do in games and movies. The second flesh and tendons gets caught inside it’ll clog right up. Second, I wont take the high way or interstate cause those are going to be backed all the hell up. Living in Seattle, my best bet would be to make it to the Pugit Sound and highjack one of the sail boats. (motor boats will eventually run out of fuel… which is bad.). Then, make my way to california, where even worse things than zombies subside.

“Raphael Sorel” (Soul Calibur 2) Player 2 Outfit.

~Myself…! Bah, I dunno, Ive never though about this one… Maybe seraphim… but I dun know him that well, lol.

~Good question, I don’t even remember… Probably browsing for information about a FF related thing and came upon this forum…

~I WANTED the name “Izlude” but some dip with only 90 posts is sitting there and hasnt said a damn thing since I came here a couple months ago… So I had to add my birth year to the end of it…

bu-but I got 1000 posts and everything! Darnit… I’m sweet too!

A keen eye for things that quick one liners and bland opinionless statements… And the fastest fingers this side of the mississippi! Except maybe not as fast as Gomez Adams, cause his fingers are hella fast…

Too bad. You suck.

Oh Cala, I love you.

*Yuki - WHAT?
*Me - Urm!? Nothing sweety, shes just someone on a forum!
*Yuki - ((starts foaming at the mouth)) BLOOD, DEATH, And, VENGEANCE!!!

Yuki proceeds to maim Izlude

((( Yuki is the name of my girlfriend for those not in the know )))

About two years ago, back when people swore only by Cammy/Blanka/Sagat(2). Game’s evolved since then.

Stop flaunting your (non-existent) girlfriend.

Honestly now, if someone gave you a free Cammy outfit, with fake boobs and all, would you…
a- try it on once
b- wear it on occasion
c- wear it constantly
d- kill the man/woman who gave it to you because, “you aint no fruitcake!”

furthermore, would you lie about how often you did/did not wear it?

Did you mean what you said in my thread in the anime forum?

My question is this

Who Is Your Favorite Band of all time/why?

What, my friends, is the purpose of the male nipple?

My God that was quick. It took you less then four monthes. For the question, what is your favorite smilie.

me want custom titles tooo.

question: what do you like about cammy??

If you are kidding, then, “haha ok I’ll stop”
If you are serious, then, “Um, if you honestly dont believe that I would have a girlfriend than you obviously dont know me well enough to make such harsh judgements about me.”

I’d make a frame for it, and put a pic of cammy in the fram with the outfit and put it on my wall. I fantasize about cammy, not about BEING cammy. Besides, yuki may look good in it… ponders this I must… go… now…

Yes sweety, I’m what your parents warned you about. I’m a pedophile. No, you are sweet but I’m 20 years old, and i have a girlfriend… We were doing it to make fun of captain spanky who was hitting on you. Mainly because the age difference was just disturbing beyond funny.

Band-aid. Those things are always there when you need them the most and I loves em… Possibly close tie for second would be a rubber band… cause I used to have one for backup if I lost my hair tie (when I had long hair).

Go to your kitchen, get an ice cube, next… get your girlfriend (or BF if you may be gay.) and take her to your room. Next, have her seduce you. Using the ice on your um, well your nipple, duh. If you followed those steps then you’ll realize why its there…

And if you dont have the time for such pleasures… its cause it feels good damnit!


I answered this already, but I’ll make a new better-er answer…

Shes sexy and has a cute voice!

He didn’t make any harsh judgements about you. No’one gives a rats ass whether or not you have a girlfriend, it’s just annoying because you have a habit of mentioning that yes, you do indeed have a girlfriend in every other post.

Why are you always so defensive when others make jokey derivitive comments about you?

Where did you get that Japanese girl in your sig? It’s hypnotic. O_o