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I got this issue fron NationStates, and I was wondering…

Felista II Decides:
Cutting Off Sex Offenders?

The Issue
After the capture and trial of notorious rapist Henry Taiden, who was convicted of the rape of over 50 women in the past two years a debate has emerged on how he should be punished.

The Debate

  1. “That psychopath should be castrated!” cries rape victim Akira Steele, “The agony he put me through must be punished with a means that will ensure that no human being will ever go through what I did! If castration is used more often in these cases you will see rape drop to nothing!”

  2. “I understand that this is a terrible time for the poor victims in this case,” says defense attorney Freddy Chicago, “However, the answer is not to revert back to the dark ages. Instead, we should focus on rehabilitation of all criminals in our prison system.”

  3. “Everyone knows re-education is a waste of money, we shouldn’t go soft on these crooks!” says CEO Hope Christmas of the People Trading Corporation. “Simply place all rapists and criminals in Felista II into forced labor under the management of our company to serve out their sentences. When we’re through with them, they won’t even think of jaywalking, much less harming another person. We get cheap labor, and these crooks get put straight. Everybody benefits… well, except the crooks.”

The Government Position
The government has indicated its intention to follow the recommendations of Option 1.

If you wish, you may simply dismiss this issue.

Would make things much simpler, da?

Right on! Rape is a cowardly and disgusting act, and those who indulge in it should never have a chance to do it again. Maybe this would do something about all those jerks on hormone hypes who treat girls like disposable toys. If they can’t respect them, then there should be consequences.

<img src=“”> Bah! Option 3 all the way! <a href=“”>The Dictatorship of Tenchimaru Draconis</a> forever!

Hmm, Manus, you seem very very knowledgable on this subject… got something to hide Manus?

Originally posted by Tenchimaru_Draconis
<img src=“”> Bah! Option 3 all the way! <a href=“”>The Dictatorship of Tenchimaru Draconis</a> forever!

Well, that’s because you and 984 are lunatics.

Not respecting a girl and raping her are two different extremes (and both could be categorized together if you want to argue that by raping a woman you aren’t respecting her, but that’s fairly obvious)

Make the punishment eternal torture. Make him feel the same PAIN that he made those women feel! Don’t kill him, keep him alove, as long as possi9ble, & make him FEEL the physical & psychological pain that he made those women suffer, if he whines, screams, or cires…do it harder! When he starts to like it…kill him.

Manus and Uriel: your righteous anger is cute and all, but on the other hand, be quiet.

#2 is obviously not the answer, rehabilitation is a joke in all but a very very small percentage of criminals.
#1 Is more reasonable, but I’m rather leery of the idea since this is a rape case. Rape of a sort is still possible without all the “equipment”, and is more about domination and violence than sex anyway.

#3 Sounds the best to me, I’ve always been in favor of cheap convict labor rather than wasted money in expensive warehouse prisons. I don’t like the idea of a company managing this, but it still seems the best choice.

CH: That’s a serious answer, I despise all rapists. If I could I’d go around killing every convicted rapist.

Then you would kill yourself for raping 16 year old boys right? Or at least that was one of your fantasies…

#3, let em rot.

That’s not really justified, regardless of what they did.

What was it Lestat once saw burning in hell…? All the innocent people he hurt who could never forgive him? I think that concept can be applied here. Focusing anger onto the individual does yourself no greatness, it just turns you more into a monster. Better to direct that energy getting over the incident, rather than provoking it.

I forget who it was, but there was a saying by a famous writer.
It’s something to the effect of “We care for those with mental deficiency, but look down on and hate those with moral deficiency.”
I’d have gone with #3, though.

If draconian punitive systems worked, the United States of America would be one of the most lawful place in the world: It isn’t.

Harsh punishments only works against joy criminals, not against desperate ones.

I will admit though, that an eye for an eye would certainly make crime rates drop. A pickpocket can’t pickpocket without hands.

Uh, punishment #1 would be very effective here, but I would feel pretty bad if, ten years from now, this guy had become a nice person.


TD, you rock… :stuck_out_tongue:

i go #3. #1 is way too extreme (no one should be castrated, it’s wrong and icky), #2 is the namby-pamby way.

Hang them by their testacles.

Well, coming from one who believes in:

  1. Poetic Justice


  1. If you take someone’s rights, you lose yours, depending on the scale of the crime.

Castration would be the better option to me, methinks. But CH is right: Rape is more about domination and violence. Me thinks shooting would be perfect.

I understand your sentiments Xwing, but what if they don’t?

One of the lovely things about NationStates is that it’s issues are over the top… and so are most people in real life.

this game looks interesting, i’ll give it a shot.

See , the only problem lies with the fact that the legal system isn’t perfect and sometimes people are wrongfully jailed. What happens when you wrongfully castrate or execute someone? Does it make it right because you felt as an individual you had the right to decide that person had to die because you think others had to die? If so, then you’re as guilty of the murder of the innocent as a real murderer is of murder.