On request... *shameless plug*

…I’m posting some stuff about my game ^^ (I asked flinty and Kagon a looong time ago and they said it’s ok <_<)
Anyways. The title is “The Game of Fate”, it’s made with rpgmaker 2000.

1- Screenies
2- Features
3- Setting
4- The Story
5- Characters
6- Random stuff
That should be enough, I hope.

<b>1- Screenies</b>
(Thanks to Wertigon for hosting them as long as I’m not staff yet)

A scene from the Intro, showing the goddess of light, Mo’onja, and the goddess of darkness, Trai’ikk.

A random screenie from a city I took so you can see the graphics/ Face set/ Messagebox. You can change the font, by the way. It’s a little empty I know (especially to the left) and the shadow is weird, but that’s because the map is from the remake already and I didn’t put much time into the mapping yet =p Special thanks to Maboroshi here on doing an insane job at puzzling different chips together…

I think this qualifies for “yikes…”

<b>2- Features</b>

-Uh… a small bank system. There -are- pickpockets in the game…

  • day/night system, but it only passes on the world map. I HATE it when I’m in a city and either the system takes too long and I wait for the night doing nothing and waiting and waiting and WAITING or if it passes too fast and you just run around and get things done before it’s night and dont manage to do everything and have to wait til the next day. That’s why I gave the player a LITTLE more control here.

  • eventually, an own fighting system. I’m not promising anything though, because I’m not good with the maker ^^; If it won’t have one, I’ll try to make the dry standard system as sweet as possible though.

  • pets ^___^ You can have pets, including a catgirl :smiley: There are 6 pets you can gain throughout the game and evolve them too by feeding them (a little like in Lufia 2). They won’t help you in battle, but you can take them with you and they might get you rare items you couldnt get without them (they have special abilities- swimming, flying…) Just felt like one should have something to play around with.

  • an own magic learning system for every character (sounds more complicated than it is, I have a custom menu for this to make it easier for you.)

-an airship like in FF6! ^^

-some other good stuff. Lotsa cameos, sidequests (and I dont mean those “bring me da bracelet from da northern cave n i will reward u with 200 gold lozlzozlz”- sidequests, I mean REAL sidequests), secret character, multiple epilogues (but not multiple endings, the game is more or less linear) and some other stuff I don’t remember right now, will edit it when I do. :stuck_out_tongue:

<b>3- Setting</b>
Syv. The land of dragons, monsters, heroes, magic… the typical fantasy land. Or at least, it was like that, long ago. The goddesses Mo’onja and Trai’ikk watched over the heroes who fought against evil, and one day, evil was banished and the goddesses disappeared from the picture and are now nothing more than a legend- if anybody still nkows them anyway, life is peaceful, people have daily things to do and no time for fairy tales anymore. The problem was: The heroes remained. And since they never learned anything else than rescueing people, they taught it to their children. And their children’s children. And so on. These days, heroes are not needed anymore (although there are still monsters, you dont know yet why, nobody else does either but also, nobody cares because at least they give poeple work), yet we have many. Quite many. In fact, we have waaay too much. And nothing to rescue. But one can change that, right? If there aren’t any problems- why not make a few…? Also, people’s obsession about the popular board game “The Game of Fate” seems to grow higher every day.

<b>4- The Story</b>
NeFaris, a young girl content with her life, that’s who you are. Well, not really content. Perthro, the brother is a knight at the royal castle, her father even a Paladin (the rank goes guard-knight-paladin). She hasn’t seen him for months though cause he’s on the front (there’s a war going on between two countries. Yet, nobody takes it seriously because everyone wants to be a hero…). NeFaris dreams of being a Paladin, there’s just one problem: she’s a girl. And her family, who want to see her at the stove, think she’s a disgrace. She’s good with swords though, but not with cooking. And one day, she has hadenough of the endless bickering of her mother and sister and decides to finally go to the capital city to become a paladin.
The tables turn.
At her first night out at the inn in the next city, she meets a little fairy who tells her to rescue the world. NeFaris is not quite interested in that though. The world doesn’t need more heroes and she wants to be a paladin, period. The fairy, Djali tells her that she might be the only hero needed in this world though. The aspect that REALLY turned NeFaris though seemed to be that she would get to keep all treasures on her journey… And besides, be a REAL hero? now that would teach her family a lesson!
Unfortunately, things aren’t as easy at they first seem. Rescueing the world seemed easier at first, but then it turns out as real work. And when her sister suddenly gets kidnapped by a bunch of angry monsters, things get totally out of hand…

<b>5- Characters</b>

First the good guys ^^ The most important ones at least.
NeFaris-: The main character. I think I said enough about her in the last paragraph. Wants to be a paladin, blahblahblah.
Djali: A very cute fairy messenger who tells 'Faris she has to rescue da world, omgwtf. The typical cute little thingie who joins your journey. Djali never shuts up :o You might know that fairies are not very used to dealing with numbers, so a conversation might turn out like this:
“And? How many are there?”
“Oh, just 2 or 3 monsters, the fight will be very easy for you.”
“Djali! That’s a whole army! Those must be HUNDREDS of beasts! o_O”
“Oh… really? o.o;”

Garudoor: A very chaotic mage she picks up during her journey. He does more bad than good though- accidently turning NeFaris into a cow or making the crystal shards she is supposed to collect vanish doesn’t necessarily make things easier…

Emrys: You can see his pic in the screenshot. Another party member and bounty hunter. What you don’t know: He’s also a thief and murderer… And searched for by the police and everyone else. So THATS why all those people attack you all of a sudden.

http://www.rpgclassics.com/staff/Wertigon/dtimages/Jera.jpg (Jera’s pic, damn picture limit)
Jera: Every party needs a healer ^^ And Jera’s a cute elven mage. I won’t tell more about her…
(I’ll leave out the rest of the party. Go figure :P)

Now, the bad guys.

BigBadEv0lGuy- the ominous BigBadEv0lGuy who needs to be killed off at the end =p

Perthro- Corrupt brother of NeFaris. He gets more and more powerful when he bribes the king, and when he sees that his sister comes to the castle and notices that, he is, well, “not delighted”… The thing is, he’s not really ev0l. He’s just, y’know, the asshole of the game. You can’t slay him though, because he’s your brother. Although… well, you’ll see.

Mean guy- Weird. This guy already went on your nerves in the second city. And he seems to follow you… Throughout the journey, he always seems to appear out of nothing. Wait- was that a knife?

Shadowy person- Okay, now it’s getting freaky. This weird cloaked person is ALWAYS present when something bad happened- and always vanishes in a puff of smoke o_O That is not normal.

<b>6- Random stuff</b>

Uh yeah, I guess that’s it for now. I’ll add stuff later cause right now I think I added enough =p That’s the longest thread I ever made. I might add more characters and pics. Oh yeah, there’s lotsa RPGC cameos already, and everyone who gives me a sprite sheet will appear too. Any questions? Ask away.

EDIT. DARN the 6 pictures limit >_< Sorry,actually I wanted to include more pics.

It would make my day if you could just put a sandwich in there to represent me, a gigantic sandwich that stood still.

Then if they talked to it, it would be like “GOOD DAY TO YOU! I’M A SANDWICH! I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR YOU!” initiate battle with Cybercompost <_<

But maybe I’m a weirdo.

Uhm, I’ll think about it. Maybe in a sidequest. ^^
(I have a monster- donut already. Maybe we could combine that…)

Suppose there isn’t a Sword-wielding penguin in there? =P

Gimme a charset and I’ll make one =p

<img src=“http://www.rpgclassics.com/staff/tenchimaru/td.gif”> Of course everyone starts requesting cameos like crazy.

Don’t worry TD, you already have one. I found a pony charset somewhere. And I will give you a very special role…

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Woohoo, auto-included in things like this. Good for the ol’ ego.

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<img src=“http://www.rpgclassics.com/staff/tenchimaru/td.gif”> Of course everyone starts requesting cameos like crazy.


This is actually the first time I’ve seen this, so I must not hang around the right forums. 0_o Anyway, lookin very cool. You’ve obviously put a lot more effort into your RPG at the beginning than most other people I’ve seen with the 'Maker have over the entire thing. Kudos, and good luck to you.:cool: [sprinkles good-luck-happy-fun-fun powder on DT and her PC.]

Yeah, CC could be the obligatory “optional boss who’s tougher than the Final Battle” …

Neat. Stay with it, I’d like to see how it turns out.

Be sure to have a ghost ship part, every RPG worth its salt needs a ghost ship.


Definitely hope you keep us posted.

“Hmm, a bank. Bank equals money. Let’s have a look.” <— I like that guy. :smiley:

Well it sounds really good so far.

Did you make a thread about this RPG before and asked if you needed voice acting for it? I finally have a microphone but I don’t know anything about voice recording…

I don’t really need a cameo or anything, I’m not a big enough name here anyway :stuck_out_tongue:

Impressive… both the RPGMAKER 2000 AND your game, DT. I bought the first RPGMaker but was disappointed by it, so I never designed my own game (I did finish the sample game (Gobli’s) it included, tho- one of the oddest rpgs ever. : ) The graphics here look MUCH better. How was the system? I’m thinking of buying it, except this time I’m buying the Official Guide first, THEN I’ll decide if I want it.

(You know, I’ve always thought that it would be easier for us would-be game makers if these things came with their own, FULL games (not short things like Gobli’s) with the option of changing things to our tastes, rather than starting from scratch.)

As for your game, I see you’ve decided to keep in many RPG cliches while at the same time making radical changes. A girl as the Hero, the world NOT in crisis (yet), a MURDERER as a party member (!!!) etc. And the dialog sounds funny! I think it’ll turn out to be great. Say, will you allow people to download it, or something? Good luck, anyway.

Originally posted by Wilfredo Martinez

(You know, I’ve always thought that it would be easier for us would-be game makers if these things came with their own, FULL games (not short things like Gobli’s) with the option of changing things to our tastes, rather than starting from scratch.)

Maybe. But I’d be worried that doing so would tend to make would-be game designers lazy, thus causing them to end up making cheap ripoffs. But who knows.

Anyways, pretty looking game, DT. What did you do for the graphics?

<img src=“http://www.rpgclassics.com/staff/tenchimaru/td.gif”> Enjoy reading Japanese Wil.

It seems to be pretty good, I might just look into it when it’s done.

I should be in it as Death, and should replace the default Game Over Screen. nod, nod

Looks pretty good, actualy. :smiley:

I just skimmed over most of it, but it looks to be awesome :smiley:

Put in a marine who keeps blowing himself up and reforming ~.^

or not its fine without <strike>me</strike>it.