Specifically Men’s All Around.

THE most amazing comeback I have ever, and likely will ever, see. Paul Hamm fell off the pad after landing his vault, landing him in 12th place with 2 rounds to go. He pulls off 2 damn near perfect exercises on the parallel and high bars while EVERYONE else messes up, and he pulls off a gold medal, beating out Korea by .12.

Absolutely incredible. <3 Paul Hamm.

Wow, guess this would be an exciting one to watch then.

They should change the name from The Olympics. to The National Bore-a-thon. wait, is bore-a-thon a subject?

Naw, but i think it’ll be the title for the section when they institute Poker as an Olympic sport.

erases this post due to my defeatist nature

Harsh. Yeah I saw a few protestors with Poker signs but you could tell they definately don’t have the support they need. They tried the same thing with Bowling a few years back but that didn’t work out either.

I wanna see thumb wrestling in the olympics… Now THERES a man’s sport.

The Olympics are supposed to be the pinnacle of amateur sport, right? But some countries require that their athletes have to be within the top 12 in the world. Where does the amateur come in?

Because they dont care about the amateur part and still just want to win.

They are really about winning, though there are some amatures still competing and stuff.

Poker isn’t a sport, it isn’t athletic in any way and isn’t played for the sake of competition, but solely for money. I also have the feeling that the poker people have no clue how to get something in the games since they seem to just protest and not actually go through the channesl they have to go through.

We already had this argument in another thread, but you probably missed it. However, I’ll reiderate the gist of what MY side of the argument is:

The word SPORT as stated by Merriam Webster Dictionary:

  1. Physical activity that is governed by a set of rules or customs and often engaged in competitively. b. A particular form of this activity.

  2. An activity involving physical exertion and skill that is governed by a set of rules or customs and often undertaken competitively.

  3. An active pastime; recreation.

I forgot which dictionary I got this from, but regardless, theres a definition of “sport”. So lets begin. As you can clearly read, 3 states that sport can also mean an “active past time” or recreation. Also, 1 points out that it is a physical activity governed by a set of rules or customs (and most importantly) engaged in competitively. Thats the kicker. The things is, people may be coming to the realization that Poker is a game that requires alot of training. The game itself is not in the cards when it comes to professional poker, but rather the cards are just a “ball” if you will. The real game itself is the way the players psych each other up or down. Now, granted, because of the way poker is viewed, you could say that its all about luck. But if you analyze it, how many times has someone doubted a REALLY good hand when alot of money was on the line because of the way his/her opponent was “acting”? That my friends is where the game becomes a competition. You can say that it has no right to belong in the olympics because of its lack of physical exertion (as stated in definition 2), however, would that mean that mental exertion is not compairable? I think not. I’ll not go into the logistics of how poker is played out and why it will or will not deserve to be in the Olympics, my argument lies only in the fact that too many people think “its not a sport” because they have a false idea of what somthing HAS to be in order to be called a sport.

USA vs USSR, that’s where the amateurs were in XD

And of course, the athletes in Eastern Europe engaged in GOVERNMENT-supervised hormone intake. >_<; Guh, you shoulda seen those female contestants in Shotput X(

Man, you guys are retarded. Talk about the games that are going on now.

  1. An active pastime; recreation.

Video games are a recreational activity. A lot of videogames take skill, and you can train yourself to get better. I’m sure you’ll agree on that. Do they belong in the olympics? Hell no. I can assure you DDR is much more active than poker is, but it simply doesn’t belong in the olympics.

As for it being an amateur sport, it still is. A few games ago, though, they had to allow pros to join due to lack of interest in certain games (like bastketball). A lot of games like track and field, rowing, gymnastics, fecngin, etc. are made up completely of amateurs. It’s not just about winning, but when you go to compete with the best in the world, you want to make sure your players represent your country well. You’re making blanket statements with narrow proof. If you actually watched a lot of the events, you’d see that a lot of countries know going in that they’re not going to win a medal.

Isn’t bridge in the olympics? If so, theres no excuse for poker not being.

And i’ve only been following the olympics for the iraqi soccer team. Man, i hope they keep going. >>;;

Why, I totaly agree! DDR IS MORE ACTIVE THEN POKER! It should be in the olympics. Finally a sport with decent to good background music. OMG! THEY COULD HAVE UNDERWATER DDR TOO! IMAGEN!

Now that would be just the coolest shit ever.

(I honestly thing this, but I am so tired right now I am unable to judge weither this post is sarcasticly sounding… cause it isn’t. >>; )


Yeah, my mom just got done telling me about that. He’s just awesome. Handles adversity well, anyways! :victoly:

I’m happy US won the first ever (I think) women’s Fencing Saber gold. <3 Fencing

The USA won judo

The guy that they though would win was Iranian, and in the first round, he had to take on a guy from Israel. The Iranian fellow refused to fight, and quit the competition since he didn’t want to touch a man from Israel.

Bah, why do the broadcast channels have to show the boring stuff, like gymnastics. I want to watch Judo ;_;

Aw, you gotta be kidding me, I stopped watching after a few more people went and played Disgaea. Damn, that would have been awesome to see too.