Older FPS games?

Does anyone know of any places where some older FPSs, most motably the original Quake and Doom, are avalible for free download?

Man, where were you when I was looking people for Doom 2 co-op game? :fungah:

Anyways, I’m not sure about Quake, but Doom is definitely still a commerical game, meaning you can’t acquire it from legal websites. If you manage to find a copy of it you won’t most likely be able able to use, say, CDoom’s TCP/IP feature because you will most likely have the bad version (Meaning you can’t patch it beyond 1.666 / 1.2)

Well, uh, you can always, like… coughICQMEcough if you are really desperate

Quake 2, however, is very free, having the source released. Merlin has it.

Man… anyone wanna try for the summer league again?

This reminds me of those Quake matches we had…what, a year ago? I sucked at those so much compared to TD. And no, I have yet to concede defeat in that match, TD! It was glitchy! That’s all! And that time you killed me while I was in the middle of a long fall…that was all luck, you had no skill whatsoever! shakes fist

I tried getting that…it wouldn’t install properly. If the second one is free, then the first one is probobly out there somewhere.

Yeah, we should get those Q2 matches back up again. They were really fun, and it’s like the only FPS game where I was a half-decent competitor. Just no screwing with mods this time, that pretty much killed it for me.

Q2 will return.
May-June 2004.

Bah Merlin. Bah. Just when I start getting into UT2K4 I gotta start practicing Q2 again.

I still haven’t uninstalled Q2 yet. Maybe this is why! dun dun dun

Q2 rocks. Luckilly theres a linux port 8D.

HEh. No mods. Hunting those were a bit of a pain…

And I’ll have to reinstall Q2 on this comp. Man you all are evil.

Of course, this means I have to find all those fun maps I love… anyone remember WTF!2 ? MAn, there was NOTHING like sniping someone bouncing around like an insane paddleball while they tried to get back on the platforms… I loved that map. I might go map hunting.

You shouldn’t have to practice Quake 2, it’s exactly like every other shooter in the world.

Can you bunny hop in Quake 2? Because if you can, you will all die horrible. I’ll just grab a chain gun and bunny hop around you all day :slight_smile:

You can, but it isn’t as terribly effective as it usually is. Especially with half of the RPGC people preferring the railgun :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m pretty sure you’re not doing it right. I’m positive I could get a bhop script and bind it to a key to make it work right.

Meh, scripts. All natural here. But we’ll see. Merl, get the link to Q2 back up again.

If only because you could just sign in and play, instead of something like SC

Ok lets play
Does anyone want to play
Ok you you and you
Oh you have to leave?
Ok lets hunt down him
Ok we got him
Lets get on battlenet
Why isnt everyone in the channel
Oh he pinged out
Ok everyone is here
What map
What map
Stop talking and choose
Ok go now
The channel screwed up
Try again
Ok start
Damn they lagged out
Start over
Ok we got the game
Someone has to go? DAMN!

Dude Sorc, everyone tried bunny-hopping before and I ended up owning you all at the end of it with the railgun.

Everyone tried - but did they do it?

And I wasn’t playing …

Urk, were you the only one who could challenge my reign of terror at Quake2? I can’t fully remember.

Sorc, no scripting. Jesus :stuck_out_tongue: What’s the point of playing if people are just going to cheat?

But it isn’t cheating…

Scripts just utilize aspects of the code that already exist. I’m not even trying to talk around this, that’s just what they do. They are scripts, not cheats.