ok, Science has REALLY gone too far!!!

Damn you! Now you’ve shattered my dream of real-life catboys. *Sniff.

Sinistral… I want my catgirls. Are you saing they’re not possible?

And before you answer, keep in mind that the kitty is hungry, and that meat is meat.

aww, to bad catgirls and boys arent possible…not that I thought they were <_<’ but I think that mixing animals and humans is pretty cool.I don’t care if its immorally correct or that it plays nature, well yeah I do, but …you get the idea.What troubles me is the mice with 100% human brains…what if they turn against us or something and start a revolution because of how we treat mice (pesticides, poison pellets) I DONT KNOW. anythings possible.sorry if my concern sounds retarded to you but you never know.

ok, religious science has REALLY gone too far!!!

Hey everybody, I fixed the thread title. lol. Because in my honest opinion, the only science that has gone too far is that of the people trying to prove Creationism is the truth. The Creationists realize that their faith based theories can’t compete with the marvels of modern science and what scientists have not only been able to do but what scientists are also currently developing, so the Creationists try to dismiss all modern science, even advancements proven to be fact, as mere theory.

And lastly, Genetically engineered mice ensure the existence of the common lab mouse by being a product created by science for science.

The species that will end up ruling the world no matter what happens with super smart mice will be the cockroaches, because they will not only survive the nuclear war we are destined to be involved in, but they will be mutated into a much more resilient species that will wipe out the entire human race. ;p

This thread makes me hurt. ;_;

Purely typical anti-human rights speech.

It’s ludicrous to group all <a href=“http://www.talkorigins.org/faqs/wic.html”>Creationists</a> under a single umbrella like that. Many Creationists (myself included) see absolutely <b>no</b> contradiction between an Intelligent Creator and evolution or modern science. Some creationists are pretty crazy, I admit (as that link shows), but some modern biologists are too (remember that scientist that kept trying to prove that humans evolved from sea mammals?)

Off topic, but, meh.

Don’t we all?

I can finally realize my dream of becoming a Lizard Man.

EDIT: I missed your comment, Gila, but cheers to Lizard Men!

NO WAY! You creationists are ALL stereotyping and intolerant, and we don’t stand for that here! >:O


I don’t know if those were actual scientists, Hiryuu. And more precisely, it was the aquatic ape theory. Fucking christ, that was horrid.

okay Sin, I think I get what you are saying… basically we have to make sure that we get a mouse and a human that are the same species, then we can make splinter right?

I really hope you’re kidding.

Don’t you think that there are times when science DOES need folks with morals and such to stand in it’s way? You know, help them realize that what they are doing is wrong?

Yeah, like with the experiments the nazis did. Not for good science.

You’re either acting stupid; or aren’t acting.

Because it represets an advancement in science, im happy for it.

otherwise, im repulsed by it.

But that doesnt mean i dont think it has practical merit and applicantion.

also hopes for catgirls

Why would anyone possibly want to be a lizard mand? You’d be green and scaly for one.

Let’s just keep up research on making cat girls.

You stole my thought.

…I WANNA GET EARS AND A TAIL! Pictures world were that’s possible