OK, I feel like an idiot for asking this...

… but I need help with FFVI.

I’m replaying the game for the first time in years (this is the “FF Anthology” version). And I’m stuck at- the Vargas Boss battle. You know the one: you have to beat Vargas with Sabin alone, using a BLITZ command, while he’s about to die from a “DOOM” effect. I have the same problem I had the first time: I can’t get Sabin’s Blitz to activate. I keep getting “Wrong Blitz input”. I don’t remember how it was that I got past it the first time. I’m following the instructions as best as I can. What am I doing wrong? Am I supposed to choose Blitz (with the X button) then imput LEFT, RIGHT and LEFT, hit X before the Triangle cursor appears over Sabin, or right after? I’ve tried both ways (though doing it after the triangle appears is harder, there’s like only a second to do it.) Neither way works. Could it be the control? I’m playing this on a PS2 with a generic brand control pad (the original broke.)

Please tell me I’m not the only one who has gotten stuck there. :thud:

Select blitz, while the cursor is on Sabin press left+right+left, hit x.

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That’s from GBA, but you get the idea.

This is probably the most common problem people have with FF6, ironically enough. :sunglasses:

Yeah, the in-game instructions are lousy as shit.

And weirdly, Aura Bolt doesn’t kill Vargas, even though you can use it on him.

GOT HIM! :hahaha; <-- How appropriate! :wink:

Yeah, the instructions are wrong, that’s what threw me off, I think. Besides, what kind of battle is this, where you can ONLY win one way, using a completely new ability, having only one minute to so, you lose the game DESPITE still having living party members, and doesn’t let you save right before it? (having to fight your way down to Vargas over and over is REALLY annoying.)

Thanks, Hades. :wink:

And that’s the only time in the game I use pummel. :stuck_out_tongue:

And it should be the only time you use it too, Wil. The only time you should be not using Aura Bolt at this point is when you’re fighting enemies that absorb Holy.

I don’t know if you know this, but most of the blitzes have much easier ways to perform them than the listed ones.

Aura Bolt: Down Down Left

Fire Dance: Left Left Down Down Right

Air Blade: Up Up Right Right Down Down Left

Bum Rush: Left Left Up Up Right Right Down Down Left

Also, all of these are powered by Sabin’s magic stat, so let him train with the magic-boosting espers a lot.

Also, keep Sabin in the back row. Don’t buy claws for him unless you plan on using black belt or something, because he will NEVER use fight. Edgar should be there too, until the late game when his tools aren’t as good.

Edgar and Sabin are both so broken, if you’re trying to make an FF6 dream team and it doesn’t include both of them, you’re doing it wrong. No one else in the game comes close to mowing the monster-lawn the way they do it, except maybe esper Terra, but she’s not always in kill-mode the way they are. I can’t say enough about their kill-osity. If you want a smooth ride, use them.

Edgar with Dragon Boots, Dragon Horn and a good spear is an absolute monster.

Relm, I’ve found, can be a little beast herself if you put some work into her. She has the highest innate magic stat in the game, and if you build her up, only Esper Terra beats her in terms of raw magical damage output.

Edgar’s great in the early game, but his magic isn’t really high enough to justify having him in the endgame. Magic ends up being a lot more powerful than Edgar’s tools in the WoR, and so I strongly suggest Celes or even Relm near the end. Celes’ runic ability is also underestimated by some players. I mean, it makes some boss fights go from difficult to ridiculously easy.

GG Crono: And Terra only beats Relm when she’s in Esper form. Normally, Relm easily decimates her magically.

Magic ends up being a lot more powerful than Edgar’s tools in the WoR
Uh… what? Unless you were comparing Autocrossbow to Ultima, you can not possibly believe this. The only way to do 10k damage as early as Drill or Chainsaw with magic is to shield-break with esper Terra.

I don’t know what you mean by endgame, but if you’re at a point where your spells can match Edgar’s tools, you should probably be dicing things up with Atma anyway. And since Edgar’s the strongest physical attacker in the game who can use elite weapons, it’ll probably be him doing it, too.

but his magic isn’t really high enough to justify having him in the endgame
Man, I don’t know about this either :confused: I never really thought of FF6’s endgame as a place to use anything but Cure3, Life2, Haste2, or Ultima. A high magic stat is almost useless for those spells.

Last time I played, I actually tried keeping my character’s magics limited. Only those who were naturally magically inclined got all the spells. Other characters would get ones based on Espers that suited them - Locke would get Phoenix, Cyan Alexander - but otherwise, nothing beyond mid-level spells. Instead, i relied on abilities. Made the game a lot mroe fun.

But FUCK the Dragon;s Den in FFVI Advanced, no way am I going through another dungeon where I have to split my team up into three parties. I dunno about everyone else, but I always save the phoenix Cave for last, so that’s two dungeons in a row with the same scheme. No way am I interested in a third.

You only need two parties for the Phoenix cave… and it’s still a bitch.

Unless you use the moogle charm and stack the group that actually fights.

I don’t even fucking use Locke though. I think he’s useless. So I’m usually overpowered by the time I bother anyway. But man, if you do that shit at low levels, it’s not pleasant.


I don’t save Phoenix Cave for last because I think Locke is actually a really useful character. And if you think the Phoenix Cave is hard, you’re a pussy. Proven fact.

You can give the Atma weapon to anyone with a high HP and it will do pretty much the same amount of damage. Edgar’s a B-team sort of guy, anyway. My preferred team in the end is Locke, Celes, Sabin, and Relm. You have two good magic users, a high damage dealer, and capture with Ragnarok. I’m doing quite fine, thank you.

Thanks for the advice, guys! ESPECIALLY the Blitz shortcuts. I ALWAYS had a hard time pulling those off. I think I never got Bum Rush right even once, in fact. Let’s see if this time it’s easier…

I’m not talking about “doing fine.” You can “do fine” with anyone, it’s not a hard game. I’m talking about Maximizing your party, and if Edgar’s not a part of that, you fucked up. He’s the Orlandu of FF6. You can call him b-team all you want, but when it comes to making things dead, there’s simply not anyone better at any point in the game where you have the option to use him.

You can use anyone you want, but if your goal is to make a dream team, including a guy who has the best special skill in the game, the ability to use Atma and Illumina in an 8-hit combo, a high enough magic stat to never do less than 10k with Ultima, and the ability to wear all of the best heavy armor is a no-brainer. But if you want to sacrifice that for… sketch? Be my guest. Personally, Relm is one of the two characters I don’t take into Kefka’s tower. The other is Gau.

Barret could beat up Edgar cause black people are bigger and stronger than white people

I’m pretty sure Ultima always does less than 10k, with the 9999 damage cap and all.