Ohhhh 11 years later

Yawn that was a nice sleep.

So a few questions that I have been thinking about, Hows the internet these days?
Rast Blackwing? Macc Maverick? Those guys still about? Merlin?

Remember that final fantasy website that copied all the FF shrines? Anyone remember what the dude who made it was called? Cronomass?
IIRC he copied that Mysidia tripod site as well… anyone remember that?

Aaaanyway Hope all is well.

Haha I remember the mysidia site. Cidolfas ran the compendium though I don’t know what he 's up too.

Dude, we’re on a boat.

Hello everyone, remember me?

I admit I’m surprised, I expected the site to be gone by now. But it looks pretty good, congratulations.

It’s been a while. Heck, I’m 48 now. Just two years short of half a century, folks. Still mostly the same. Still epileptic, unable to work, stuck in front of a PC all day. I hang around TV Tropes mostly, just look for Sijo.

One thing I have changed is that I’m way more mature. It’s sad to say, but when I first joined the net was just beginning and I had few ideas of how to socialize in it. I have since learned, for example, never to take anything said online too seriously (I have people like Sin to thank for that.)

I actually have many good memories of this site. I wrote my first online fics here. Many many friends, too. I hope they remember me as fondly.

Best wishes, everyone. I’ll be around.

Te recuerdo como un anciano a quien le gusta hablar mucho :stuck_out_tongue:

Broma, broma. Me gusta que vivas todavia :slight_smile:

Hey Guys! It’s nice to see people are still around and well. :slight_smile:

Good morning.

Nice seeing you guys. :slight_smile:

Nice Spanish, Cro.

Nul, your avatar is still as scary as it ever was. :wink:

Holy crap, Wilf lives! :open_mouth:

I try.

Yes. I too can’t get over the fact that Bleach (the anime) has ended and the final episode will be airing on Toonami tomorrow night. Nor the fact that Bleach (the manga) still hasn’t ended yet despite Naruto (the manga) is coming to an end.

All this crap used to be new back when I first came upon this site. Talk about an end of an era.

Also, a belated good to hear from you Wil.

I can believe that. Despite myself I keep up with bleach the manga. Everything about it is so awful it makes me question myself. How can I exist if I allow something like this to?

Glad to see I ain’t the only old school guy still lurking around every now and then. I left this site 15 years ago, and I still use the shrines every now and then.

Ha. That’s one cool thing, I still find myself using the shrines, too.

I just plain trust the people who wrote strategy guides for this website more than I trust some random a-holes on Gamefaqs. Plus, Shrine navigation is so much easier than an unwieldly text file, or a Wiki that anyone may edit (and may STILL be missing important info). We had a bar for quality that still shows.

The FF6 shrine is still a work of art.

I still think about you all quite fondly, and check up on what nonsense takes place here from time to time. Rather comforting that this place still exists, really; like some lost treasure of an earlier age.


That’s some classic Hades right there. Wish people had kept some of my zingers as signatures :\

Ask and you shall receive, Sorc:

*Sorcerer has joined #rpgclassics
Setz: Sorcerer! How are ya, buddy?
Sorcerer: Go fuck a horse
Setz: I’m good, thanks for asking :3

So, where is Hades anyway?