Oh, those poor Cubs...

Last time I checked there was a salary cap in the MLB :stuck_out_tongue: It’s the NHL that has no salary cap :stuck_out_tongue:

In any case, I hope Yankees DIE to the Cubs in the world series. :stuck_out_tongue: Chicago better go, too. Grr and shit :stuck_out_tongue:

Well you heard wrong, because there is no salary cap in MLB.

You must be from Tampa too, Jenova’s Witness.

Eep, my mistake. How did Baltimore make the playoffs anyway?

If there is a salary cap in the MLB (and I think there is) it probably acts like the CFL’s salary cap, teams ignore it.

Sox win.

ure, he gets on base, but he doesn’t hit for much power

and its called contact hitting you twit.



People, come on. There is no salary cap in major league baseball.

Yea, all that really matters is getting on base. Believe it or not, contrary to somewhat popular belief, it is much better to get on base than to hit a home run. Especially for someone like Garciaparra, who is third in the line up. He’s a set up man, he isn’t supposed to hit the home runs, he’s supposed to be on base when the home runs get hit.

Sox came back and took the game right out from under the Yankees in brilliant fashion. Tomorrow should be an excellent game. Roger Clemens vs Pedro Martinez, this time, in Yankee Stadium.

Congratulations and Thank You.

I do believe this is the longest sports thread on RPGC since we started using this vbulliten board (Certainly the longest since the latest Great Deletion). The longest thread I’ve ever seen was in the ezboard days, after the Diamondbacks beat the Yankees in the 2001 World Series.

Thanks guys.

And go Red Sox and Cubs.

Originally posted by Kagon
I despise the Yankees. They go over the budget cap every frickin year- they’re just a bought team.

I despise teams that are “bought”. Damn New Yorkers and their damn high budget sports teams. On the same note I feel sorry for the Mets and the New York Rangers as they suck.

Some announcers were talking about how the guy was gonna have to move out of Chicago - if the Cubs lose, that is. If they win he’ll go down as a “footnote in sports history”, so good for him :stuck_out_tongue: If the Cubs lose then he’s fucked :stuck_out_tongue: He’ll go down as the asshole who lost the world series for the Cubs :stuck_out_tongue:

Yea, I also heard however that the guy has been offered a free 3 month vacation at some ritzy Florida resort somewhere. Free flight down, martinis, the works.

9th inning, 9-6 Marlins. Suck it cubs. Suck it long, and suck it hard.

Looks like he’d better start packing :stuck_out_tongue:

Goddamnit. They were supposed to win!

Fuck all that shit :stuck_out_tongue: Next Year Houston’s gonna kill all your little teams’ faces :stuck_out_tongue:

Originally posted by Shinobi
[b]Sox win.

and its called contact hitting you twit. [/b]

Yeah, read the entire post, asshole, before you call me a twit. If he hit for contact AND had the speed or power to back it up, I’d consider him part of an elite, like so many others do, rather than just a better than average shortstop. A player can be good, and overrated at the same time. I understand the importance of contact hitting, but I just think that Nomar isn’t really as good as everyone says he is. Of course, neither is Jeter for that matter, but he’s at least a much more exciting player. Trust me, I know my baseball, and I know the importance of contact. Besides, even then, Nomar only hit .301, and his OBP was abysmal, considering the average.

I don’t think that a player NEEDS to hit homers to be a good player. Nomar is a great player, but he isn’t one of the greats in the league. He’s above average.

And Sorc’s right, there is no salary cap in baseball.

And yes, the Yankees have some players that were merely purchased, but let’s flash back to 1998, arguably the Yankees’ greatest team. In a year where McGwire and Sosa were hitting 60+ homers, not a single player on this team hit over 30. They had players like Jeter, Posada, Tino Martinez, Bernie Williams, Pettite. If I remember correctly, these players all came to the Yankees very early in their careers, if not from the beginning. David Cone? Paul O’Neill? David Wells? These weren’t “money” players. Sure, now Steinbrenner’s retreated into his money with players like Giambi, but you must remember, this at least was a team that was built, not bought. Even now, with player’s like Soriano, the Yankees are doing something right that didn’t just involve them shelling out the dough. That '98 team had chemistry, pitching, and the ability to earn their wins.

Yeah, ahkeeyuu, I’m from St. Pete. After all, the Devil Rays don’t play in Tampa, they play in St. Pete. I’m not saying that I wouldn’t root for them if I lived in Tampa, but I was just pointing out that just because the name is “Tampa Bay Devil Rays” doesn’t mean that they play in Tampa. It means that they play in the Bay Area, and St. Pete is a part of that.

Yeah, things are a little dark around the city right now. But I’m sure we’ll all get over it. Eventually.

Yea baby yea! 4-0 in the 5th (or is it the 6th?)! GOT YO SOX ON!?

Originally posted by Sorcerer
Yea, I also heard however that the guy has been offered a free 3 month vacation at some ritzy Florida resort somewhere. Free flight down, martinis, the works.

He’s gonna need it.

Yea, no shit. I read in the paper that he’s literally gone into hiding.

Yea, no shit. I read in the paper that he’s literally gone into hiding.
I think he’s going to be dead. I bet the Chicago Mafia will get him or something.

I find myself not caring. It’s just a game, and I don’t care about sports.

That aside, this is a major insult to the Cubs. Not the loss, no. The blame set on the poor guy. He did what most baseball fans would do. And he’s blamed for making the Cubs lose. It sounds to me that the Cubs fans are trying to find an excuse (a lame one at that) for the bad late game.

Really now, if the Cubs were demoralized by THAT, they had ABSOLUTELY NO place in the World Series.

And saying that the guy made the Cubs lose implies that they fall apart at the littlest thing. Really, is that something you want to say about a team you WANT to win? Please.

This is all so stupid. Simple as that. Get on with it, there’s next year.