Oh, those poor Cubs...

I know sports topics don’t usually go over well around here, and my attempt at a baseball playoffs thread met a quick and sudden end a couple weeks ago.

BUT… I gotta say this anyway.

It kinda ties in to the idea of hopes and dreams and my superstition about not being too vocal about them because that’s when they tend to get rained on…

Anyway, the Chicago Cubs, the perpetual underdog and lovable losers of baseball, were 5 outs away from winning game 6 of the NLCS tonight and going to the world series, but everything fell apart, starting with a fan trying to get a foul ball [in the seats] and in so doing prevented a Chicago Cubs player from being able to reach into the crowd and catch the ball for an out himself. From there, the inning was a nightmare of bad luck for the Cubs. They gave up 7 runs, and lost the game in a very demoralizing manner.

I watched the game at school with a Chicago native, and we swapped stories of baseball misery and tragedy, and watched a new tale unfold right before our eyes. I really felt for the guy. I kinda knew what it was like, after having watched the Giants fall apart in the actual world series last year in game six. In similar circumstances. They didn’t recover, and lost game 7, too. And I got a sneaking suspicion the same thing will happen to the Cubs. Though I hope not.

Anyway, just thought I’d mention it.

Poor Cubs. After all these years they get so close, and it starts to look like it’s finally gonna happen, and now their backs are against the wall. Do or Die tommorow in game 7 against the Marlins.

Discuss. Please.

Nooooo why god, it’s the MARLINS! No one likes the Marlins! I’ve been waiting for the Cubs to get to the World Series for so long, and I’m going to be severly disappointed if they don’t win tomorrow -_-;;. It’ll be the first time they’ve even gotten that far in so many years, ugh.

8 runs, in that inning anyway. I couldn’t stay to watch the 9th.

I don’t really care about sports much, but GOD. That fan embarrassed ME. Assuming the fans haven’t gotten to that guy already, if the Cubs end of losing the series cuz of him, he is going to be in BIG trouble. Big, bloody, violent trouble.

I can almost picture WGN’s local news cast running that guys name, address, and telephone number during the sports portion of the show.

And then, it’s Fee, Fie, Fo, Fum, brutha man, you bettah run.


Yea, I said it, FUCK EM!

I watched em beat the Braves in Game 5 of the division series (last time I ever get tickets to a game 5…they always loose). On the way out, we started chanting “Lets Go Marlins!” and the cubs fans got mad :slight_smile:

Anyway, I hope the Marlins pummel Kerry Wood. Can’t have wood without viagra.

Go Yankees!

Originally posted by Sorcerer
On the way out, we started chanting “Lets Go Marlins!” and the cubs fans got mad :slight_smile:

YOU were the cheerleaders?! O_O

EDIT: Nevermind, I read that wrong… is still frightened of the cheerleaders though

All I have to say is, the Cubs beat the Astros out of the playoffs. If anyone wins the world series, it fucking BETTER be Chicago. :stuck_out_tongue:

and that’s why this was released early this morning.


That made me smile which is almost impossible.

EDIT: By the way the Cubs will never win a World Series in your lifetime. They and the Red Sox are cursed to no end.

Originally posted by X_countryguy
Go Yankees!

Fuck the yankees. Go Sox!

The marlins are my favorite team. Next to the white sox. MARLINS ALL THE WAY!

Expos didn’t make it, so meh.

That incident was on par with the stuck-up smartass who nabbed the ball with New York and Cleveland a few years back. Though if that guy wants his team to win, he ruined their chances.

Hey, they can still win.



Originally posted by Bakufan19
[b]Expos didn’t make it, so meh.

That incident was on par with the stuck-up smartass who nabbed the ball with New York and Cleveland a few years back. Though if that guy wants his team to win, he ruined their chances. [/b]

That was Baltimore, actually.

Unless that spoiled snot nosed little punk showed up at Yankee stadium and stuck it to the Indians as well… I don’t recall.

And my personal theory is that last night’s fan in question was a Marlins fan kickin’ it Cointelpro style in Wrigley Field.

Me, personally, I’m rooting for the Yankees. Here’s why:

Cubs- I wouldn’t mind if they won. I mean, in 1906, they won 116 games a record until a year or two years ago, and they did it in few games than the Mariners. They lost the World Series because their best pitcher didn’t get to rest his arm enough, but they won the next two years. They haven’t since. Now, the reason I don’t want them to win, though, is Sosa. There are two reasons I don’t like Sosa: steroids and corked bat. Now, for the steroids, that’s not confirmed, exactly, but, if you look at his numbers and body shape before his first 60+ homer season, they weren’t nearly as big. Now he’s beefy beyond belief. And then there’s the corked bat. Against the Devil Rays. Now, the Devil Rays are my team (unfortunately), and I know better than anyone, that if there’s one team in the majors you DON’T need to use an illegal bat against, it’s the D-Rays. Sosa really just isn’t a legitimate player to me, though. Other than that, the Cubs have a great, young pitching staff, and I wish them well.

Marlins- Meh, cross state rivals, just don’t like 'em. No reason for me to want them in. Maybe since I like Ivan Rodriguez, but that isn’t enough.

Red Sox- I’ve never liked these guys. Maybe it’s because they’re the rivals of my second favorite team. But I think the reason is I just hate the players on their team. I’ve always hated Martinez, for the hype surrounding him and his own attitude. A few years back, people were saying he should be the MVP. Pudge Rodriguez won, and I couldn’t be happier. I don’t believe pitchers should win that award, unless they have an ERA under 2.20 and 30 wins. Plus, Martinez is just plain arrogant. His comment that no one would have made a big deal about Sosa’s bat if it weren’t for the fact that he was black, well that just pissed me off beyond belief. Playing the race card like that is a cheap tactic, and generally is well responded too because of the common white guilt over that particular subject. Also, I seem to remember games where Pedro deliberately threw at Devil Ray players consistently. 5 D Rays and 3 of their coaches were ejected. Not one Red Sock. Garciaparra, I just always though he was overrated. Sure, he gets on base, but he doesn’t hit for much power, and he doesn’t have much speed to compensate for it. Good player, but not in the same level as A-Rod and Jeter. And Ramirez, he just seems like a jerk. Sure it’s more unjustified, but just the way he chews his tobacco and all that stuff…

Yankees- Just a team I’ve always liked. I have a friend from New York, and he loves them. I guess that, after the Rays’s seasons were over, I’d always pull for the Yankees with them.

Originally posted by X_countryguy
Go Yankees!

What? Come on man, they win every year…give someone else a chance…

To bad the phillies are such a bipolar team. Either they are really good, or really bad, and they never change course midseason…:too bad;

I despise the Yankees. They go over the budget cap every frickin year- they’re just a bought team.

See, the thing is, there is no budget cap or salary cap in MLB. There needs to be though. It’d solve a great number of problems.

Oh? I had heard there was some sort of a cap.