Go play it right now. I don’t care what you’re doing, drop it, buy the orange box and play it right now.

What if “what you’re doing” is “waiting for Portal to finish downloading because you pre-ordered Orange Box over Steam ages ago”? :slight_smile:

Way to not pre-load it.

I agree, its pretty good. So is Ep2, although I was disapointed with the length. I hate episodic content. -_-

How do you guys like Team Fortress 2? The general consensus amongst the old TFC community is that it’s too simple, lacking in depth and way too slow.

<3 the final Portal Boss, and that credits song rocks.

Episode 2 was quite good too, as was Peggle Extreme.

Haven’t got round to playing TF2 yet.

I’m loving TF2, but I never played TFC or TF back in the day though so I really can’t compare. No one is really playing it right now though because they’re all playing Portal and Episode 2, but I was having a lot of fun during the beta.

Portal kind of ruined me a little bit though. I started playing HL2 again since I never beat it and I was at the very beginning when you have to use the cinder blocks to weigh down the teeter totter and I though “Psh this is easy I can just make a port… damnit.”

I like TF2 a whole lot, but I agree – it was made way more simpler and dumbed down compared to the old TF and TFC. Still, it’s a riot to play anyway. One of the biggest things that I’m missing are the class-based grenades – in TF and TFC, all classes had SOME kind of secondary grenades to throw.

Scouts had caltrops, Heavies had MIRV grenades, Medics Concussion Grenades…

Another thing is the low amount of maps to play in – but I know that it’s going to be fixed soon enough by the community. Besides, the map are fuckin’ huge.

Portal’s still a riot. That has got to be the awesomest endboss and closing credits ever.

But what had made me really go “HOLY SHIT” was the discovery, during the escape, that Aperture Science is a direct competitor to Black Mesa.

Probably the biggest complaint I’m seeing from the community is that there is so little room for individual skill sets to develop. In Half Life and TFC there was an exponential amount of skills and tricks and such that could be developed. Everything from multiple conc - conc jumps, to deathmatching with a demomans blue pipes to bunnyhopping, sharking and ramp sliding. The list goes on and on, and nobody really sees any of these types of abilities emerging in TF2 which leaves a no gap to seperate the truly skilled from the average pubber.

Of course the flip side is that the games been out officially for what like, three days? Obviously those skills in TFC took time to discover and there hasn’t been nearly enough time to really explore the physics engine and what the classes can do.

I’m glad they took out all the shit that made TFC annoying to the general public. There’s already a TF2 for those that loved TFC. It’s called Fortress Forever.
Don’t get me wrong, I loved TFC, but TF2 is for a completely different crowd and it’s definitely not some dumbed down simpleton fest. It’s only like that on servers where half the people don’t know how to work together. Come to one of my servers. I have 5 (trust me, the day before the orange box was released, we had 3 full ones, then i opened two more and they almost filled up). If you guys ever wanna find a good place to play, add these IPs to your server browser.

Passwords are all lljk (unless they’re changed, in which case I’ll update this post or just post)
If anyone asks how you got the password, just tell them Steve gave you it.

If you’re looking to idle in our irc and wait for some games to get goin, #ppp on irc.synirc.org

There will be goons there, but on the whole it’s better than general public servers. But only barely :confused:

edit: Oh right.

Best single player game I’ve ever played. Bar none.
I really have not had that much fun just listening to what’s going on.

PS Still alive

Thanks for the links Steve, I’ve been kinda wondering where I could play TF2… And yes, I got that song yesterday. Its really great, esp in the context of the game. I also like how it really really relates to research.

Lemme know your ingame names if you decide to play, I wanna play too :]

My SteamID is Sin. You’ll see me around as RPGCSinistral too. I’m not sure which name’ll be displayed. In any case, I’ll probably suck, esp as I learn about the different classes.

Well, I can’t really comment. I haven’t played it. And from what I’ve heard Fortress Forever is horribly glitchy. But then again I know a lot of map developers who aren’t too interested in making maps for TF2 for reasons I don’t understand (because I haven’t played it). A big part of a mod communities life line lies in the map making community to breathe new life into the league scenes.

I wanna play ;.;

edit: Steve, if you’re at all interested the old TFC community uses the GameSurge IRC network. If you want the skilled (albeit the snooty) players, that’s where you’ll probably find them. It’s also the home of the Gather network, a huge system of pickups and private league style scrimmages.

Also, what are these annoyances you speak of?

Mine’s Runarisu. Let all go kill some bastiches someday.

add me to your steam friends :]


Blue Heavy sure likes his weighted companion cubes, huh?