Oh Canada

I know I’ll regret this but I don’t care:

Hi Ho Hi Ho! Off to Canada I go!

Like any of you care, but oh well I’m still excited (even though it’s just Canada). There’s a parade in Victoria and my marching bands shipping out. The worst thing is the 14 hour, overnight bus trip, but as all of you who have ever been in band know, those trips can be awesome.

Oh, and I know my little song was corny as hell, but like I said, I don’t care.

Going to canada is like going to home from disneyland.

Don’t listen to Charlie, he’s crazy. Just remember the three basic rules of Canadania.

  1. Don’t drink the beer. Your fragile American constitution won’t be able to handle it.

  2. There is always snow here. It’s just really good at hiding.

  3. RPGC owns Canadania. Entrance fees begin at your immortal soul. Have a nice day.

Hey, but it’s not home. More freedom.

And what do you mean my frail American constitution can’t handle Canadian beer? Canada is just a mixture of Britain and France, the two wussiest countries in the world. Except for hockey, what does Canada have?

Whee, a band trip to Victoria. I wish I could go to Victoria someday.
(It doesn’t sound as exciting from my perspective cause I live there >>)

Any chance you might stop by Toronto? I know it’s 4 provinces away and all… but you’d be able to meet me! 8)

Everyone goes on fucking band trips to Victoria and feels special they went to Canada. Its really funny.

Victoria is special ;_;

Hey, it’s Hitler. I’m just kidding, and I really feel sorry about that, Sin. I was acting like an ass. I do that a lot, can’t help myself sometimes.

What I mean to say is: Canadia, SUCK IT!

14 hours? Yow. 12 hours was long enough for the last band trip I was on(sleeping was not an option). Sometimes wish we’d take a plane. Have fun. ^^


-Great Beer
-The Rockies
-Best hockey players in the world
-Shania Twain, Barenaked Ladies, Nickelback, Avril Lavigne, Sum 41.
-Sam and Fuzzy and VGCats
-Hockey pucks with no microchips inside them
-Peacekeepers, peaceful history
-Beautiful scenery
-Very little violence, guns, murders, etc.
-World’s tallest building
-Some of the best lumber in the world
-Multi-cultural society that does not enforce conformity
-Low drinking age (especially in Quebec)
-Politicians with personality
-Free healthcare and quality education

…I’ll add more to this later if need be.

And I hear Victoria is a really nice place. You should try to do some outdoorsy type stuff when you’re there.

That’s an A- Charle!

Beacon Hill Park is a nice place. So is Cadboro Bay/Cattle Point. Plus there’s a bunch of heritage stuff around too. I can’t remember the name of the castle for the life of me though.

Sorry PanamaJack, but being the home of VGCats automatically counters all those other points except the lumber one.

Who don’t have a death count in the hundreds of thounsands per year.

I’d like to visit Canada someday. Take some piccies and scan them in when you get back so we non-Canadian people can see.

I’m sorry, but CH is right. You’re trying to defend Canada, not insult it, so don’t mention VGCats.

And american beer is like Canadian water.

Whats wrong with VGCats now? You guys have some sort of vendetta against Scott?

Yeah, don’t be knockin’ VG Cats, yo. I love VG Cats. :slight_smile:

The Qc legal drinking age is a suggestion.