ogre battle

They do if you level up

I try and get mages by the Slums of Zenobia, but I really overkill in that game, as SE already pointed out.

Deneb’s before the slums and it takes some careful tactics to get the mages at Deneb so that you have the levels, experience and don’t fall below 10 ALI.

I never have problems with the ten ali, I have problems keeping their Cha up. Oh, and I meant I had all five mages by Zenobia. Where I start getting them depends on what my starting units are, etc.

I never had a problem with CHA…what does it effect? How does it increase/decrease?

CHA is used in level-up requirements, and is increased and decreased much like ALI. You can raise your CHA by destroying units whose CHA is lower than yours and whose level is higher than yours. Also, running from a battle will cause all the characters in your unit to lose one CHA point.

oh oh oh, new question, I beat Diaspola last night and in one of the towns, someone mentioned Rauny. Where do I get her again? I think I’m too late :\

She’s in Valley of Kastro, so unless my memory is failing you are still on time. She was in a temple to the south if I remember correctly, but you should check the shrine just in case.

A question of my own: This conversation made me want to play OB again, so what exactly is a good tactic to make Mages? How do you get ALI down without slashing (And even increasing) CHA?

I just always let my wizards be a couple levels above the enemies and had them finish them off…cha isn’t really a problem at all, at least in my experience…