ogre battle

when’s the earliest i can start buying uh fighter people

You should be able to buy fighters as soon as you have a knight leader.

Could you be a little more specific please? Which Ogre Battle game are you talking aobut?

For the moment I will assume you mean March of the Black Queen. Each leader type of character can “purchase” units for their army. Again, I’m not sure what you mean by “fighters” so I can’t help you much further. Generally speaking classes can recruit it’s lower form, so a knight can recruit a soldier, a valkyrie can recruit an archer, etc.

Yes that’s what I mean. So how do i do that again? I haven’t played for a year and I’m a little rusty.

I think you select a “recruitment” icon, then you choose your leader, then a box will pop with the units your leader can recruit. I believe you could to this at any town, but I may be mistaken.

A unit can only recruit people when it is stationed in a town or Temple. If that is the case, you can select the unit and a Recruit option will appear among the various commands you can give. The specific classes of people you can recruit depend on the class of the leader of your unit. So if you want to recruit Fighters, deploy a unit that has a Knight as the leader, and send that unit to any town.

I’ve cleared the Sharom District and I still haven’t gotten access to any recruitment icon…

There is absolutely no way that was Eva in the first post unless she suffers from some form of recessive net-tard disorder.

The unit you want to recruit a character has to have room for it first. That may be why you don’t have access to the recruitment option.

That was the exact reason. Dammit. Ogre Battle needs to explain things better.

The recruits are 2 levels lower than the leader recruiting them.

Some leaders recruit units that are not lower level forms of that leader. For example, wizards can recruit hellhounds and giants.

Just make 3 mages that you can upgrade to sorcerers and liches, boost em with int items and stick em in front of the enemy castle to kill everything while you clear the map. It works wonders. Don’t bother with recruits, its a waste of time. You should have enough with what you started off with. If you send a unit to a town and he has a free spot in the party, you should have a recruit option available to.

Yes, this is probably right. If you take the time to find all the special characters, you’ll automatically acquire more units than you need.


I’m sorry, but I cannot deploy a unit with soldiers named Picks, Shot, Balville, Voils and Lilian. I just get the giggles everytime.

Berekunti was everywhere in OB 64.

Now I’d love to have that in my lord’s unit. Very exotic. and erotic.

Stick a princess (Archer+ItemCrown) in their unit, too. It gives them an extra attack, which just gets ridiculous. I then usually put a Dragoon or Evil One in with 'em to beat the hell out of things at Melee and protect the Princess.

Also, get a really high Ali unit that moves in air (::coughCanopuscough::slight_smile: to take cities, it works wonders for your Rep.

I know, but I don’t like Canopus. It’s a horrible name. It sounds like Cannibis. I don’t like Ed and Ralph, the guys he came with either. So I buy my own with much cooler names.

I don’t like getting uber powered though. Things are either too easy or too hard. I can never get an in between in this game, due to the bloody alignment function.

There is no in between in OB if you get all the good units and use them well. It will however make the game very very long and probably lead to some frustrations as you make strategic errors that make you lose hours of work.